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Did you know? You can take home most of our products today with IKEA Singapore, and enjoy them straightaway.

Foldable backpacks

Our bags and backpacks are made to help you whenever you’re on the move, whether you’re commuting everyday, or need a travel backpack for a short holiday. There are even lots of lightweight options that fold up really small so you always have a bag handy for last minute grocery shopping.

Wherever you go, there’s always some manner of stuff you need to bring with you. While a duffle bag, a stroller or a briefcase lets you carry your gear, they have the disadvantage of occupying at least one of your hands.

That’s the beauty of a backpack: you’re ready to take on any adventure. No matter if it’s skating, climbing or just holding on to a rail during a bus ride. With a practical backpack or a stylish messenger bag, you can bring the stuff you want, while still keeping your hands free.

Take a look at our range of backpacks and messenger bags here.

A backpack for every style and need

In our large selection you’ll be able to find a backpack that not only fits your needs, but also fits with your style. Choose between different colours, shapes, materials, and sizes. All of our messenger bags and backpacks are for both men and women, since all of them are unisex.

That means your choices are narrowed down to your needs and your style. Choose a classical black backpack to fit any outfit. Or go for a bold colour to make a statement. Many of our bags are sold in multiple colours so you can choose according to your taste.

Do you need a big travel backpack for your long trips? Or would a small slingshot bag for everyday necessities be more practical? Luckily, we’ve got both.

Carry comfortably

A backpack is often the most practical choice. With padded straps, you can comfortably carry heavy items, such as a stack of books for school or a complete set of travel gear.

Since many of our rucksacks have a variety of pockets and compartments, you can always pack so that your items are easy to find and access. And to make it even more convenient, you can also add a few bag organisers to really keep track of your stuff.

When choosing a backpack, always consider what you’ll need to pack and how you’ll use it. If you want to carry your laptop around, a backpack with a padded laptop compartment is a must. If you’re into sporty activities and outdoor adventures, a bag with open side pockets for easy access to water bottles could come in handy. If you tend to fill up your backpack's main compartment, a pack that offers separate side openings with zippers might be a good choice. This way, you can get easy access to items packed in the bottom of the bag.