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Dining in – the new dining out

Turn every meal into a feast. Nothing brings a family together like food. With more time to prepare, you can make every family meal a feast. Rediscover those old family recipes, soak the beans overnight, and let the steak slow-cook to perfection. When dinner is ready, there will be plenty of time to enjoy both the food and the company.

Make Home Count.

Save time and energy while cooking

You like to cook, but you don't always have enough time? Induction hobs efficiently heat pots and pans. This speeds up the cooking process and allows you to spend more time hanging out with friends, enjoying delicious homemade dishes. Since induction hobs only heat dishes, they are safer and consume less energy.

There's no taste like home

In the journey towards more conscious living, we're serving up products that make home cooking easy, healthy and more sustainable so you can keep you loved ones healthier during this time. More fresh flavour and less waste. Yum!

Complete your dining experience

The classic clean lines and the white stoneware helps FLITIGHET tableware suit most dishes and occasions. It is also easy to coordinate with your favourite tablecloth, cutlery or napkins, making every mealtime with loved ones more enjoyable too.

Spending quality time made easy

Nothing brings people together like a good meal. Or, if you ask us, a good table. This is the perfect place to catch up over a lovely meal and to connect offline at the end of the day. Our versatile dining products are geared to all manner of gatherings. Sometimes foldable. Often extendable. Always comfortable!

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