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IKEA survey reveals the room we spend the most time

IKEA survey reveals the room we spend the most time in is the one we spend least money on

IKEA survey reveals the room we spend the most time
IKEA survey reveals the room we spend the most time

Could a better organised bathroom help improve daily living habits and start each day off in a more positive light?Doha, Qatar, April 2019: IKEA today announced the results of its independent online survey that delved into people’s morning routines and habits, highlighting the rooms used most when starting their day. Gathering results from 2,500 respondents spread across Qatar, the survey revealed that although the bathroom is deemed as the most essential room in the home where a majority of time is spent, it is the room least invested in.

While more than one third (38%) of respondents noted that they enjoy spending time in their bathrooms versus other rooms in their home, their spending habits did not reflect this sentiment with less than 1% saying they would invest in improving the space.

Additionally, the survey revealed that for more than two thirds (67%) of respondents, the first thing they did when they wake up was freshen up in the bathroom and spend a significant amount of time before leaving the house (69% spend between 10-20 minutes, 27% spend 20-40 minutes). Despite this, 70% said they have no design theme or organisation in their bathroom, with 57% noting that toiletries are the hardest to organise. However, 52% took time to make sure their bathrooms were tidied before leaving the house.

Seeking a sanctuary in a connected world is increasingly valued. The bathroom is the perfect spot for fitting in some daily relaxation and reflection and for people to take care of themselves and their health. As the room in the house ranked as the ideal place for “me time”, 27% of survey takers said that bath and shower time improved their overall mood followed by lighting (16%) and clean towels (19%).

Based on local and global studies, IKEA is addressing people’s organisation needs in the bathroom inclusive of not just comfort, safety and function, but also mental well-being. IKEA is taking a ‘back to basics’ approach with the launch of its 2019 collection as a direct response to the findings that show that a better start to the day and a more organised home life reinforces health and wellbeing.

The following findings offer key insights and how to build a stronger connection to well-being through the bathroom.


IKEA has created solutions that allow the bathroom to become a place where people can ease tensions, helping to reset with a relaxed, refreshed mindset.


A well-functioning morning routine leaves everyone feeling confident for the day ahead. IKEA aims to reduce stress by limiting the amount of decisions people need to make, especially when it comes to the organisation of a bathroom.


Although the bathroom is predominantly a space for ‘me-time’, IKEA also sees it as a great place for family bonding. Bath time is the perfect place for playtime and story-telling. This daily ritual can be a highlight of the day for both kids and parents, and a time and space for everyone to relax, let go of the day’s concerns and recharge.


Renting is on the rise, including single-family rentals, creating a need for versatile home solutions that consumers can relocate and use in this home and next. For owners, full renovations are time and money consuming, so more flexible, short-term fixes are an attractive, temporary option. IKEA has created solutions to furnish and improve bathrooms without drilling or making major structural changes or updates.


Water conservation is a subject that many feel passionate about. However, increased concern over climate change and the willingness to tackle it is not necessarily translating into behaviour change. Barriers include availability and price of low-carbon products, lack of information, and a sense of hopelessness. IKEA shows people that they can make a difference with simple and easy choices for the home that can help reduce negative footprint.


People want to make the bathroom appear clean and airy because it helps them recharge, but bathroom storage is sometimes a rare luxury. Ideas on how to make the bathroom more organised is on demand regardless of the size. Design tips include the clever use of light and colour solutions that incorporate hanging storage and drawer organisers. IKEA has developed new solutions to store bathroom belongings without making the room feel cluttered. These ideas demonstrate that smart design solutions can make the bathroom space feel bigger and less cluttered.


The bathroom is the ultimate space for self-care, a place to energise, pamper and prepare for the day ahead. IKEA wants to help people with the right necessities to use time in the bathroom for recharging, reflecting and getting ready for daily activities, making the bathroom a place for easier transformation.

By understanding how people’s bathroom habits affect their day-to-day lives and their individual needs, IKEA is challenging conventional ideas of the bathroom with solutions and ideas that fit these new lifestyle needs and preferences. The aim is to help people create a place where they can recharge through better solutions and better products, to connect and get ready for life.