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Free remote Planning Service for sofas and living room storage

Now that we spend more time together at home, it is normal for us to feel the need to organize the living room to create a functional and comfortable space, suited to the needs of each person. Do you want to turn your ideas from paper to reality? Count on the free remote Planning Service for sofas and living room storage.

Planning service for PAX wardrobes

Free remote planning service

  1. Schedule your online planning with an IKEA co-worker specialist choosing the day and time you want.
  2. After booking, one of our specialists will contact you to analyze your needs and start preparing your dream sofa or storage system planning proposal.
  3. On the scheduled day and time, through a link sent in advance by email, we present the planning of your new sofa or storage system, make any adjustments you wish and then send the final planning and budget.
  4. We help you to finalize the purchase process, always with a personalized service.

Online planners

With the help of our bedroom planners, you can plan the perfect solution, from the storage to the bed, all from the comfort of your home.

What you need to prepare

  • Space measurements: length, width and height;
  • Windows and doors dimensions and positioning and plugs positioning.

For more information feel free to contact us.

Get inspired to create your dream living room