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KORV Sausage, frozen

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A long and thin wiener sausage. Simmer or fry, and serve in hot dog bread. Add ketchup, mustard and fried onions.

Article Number101.542.52

Product details


    Net weight: 440 g

    • KORVArticle Number101.542.52

      Width: 8 cm

      Height: 4 cm

      Length: 16 cm

      Weight: 0.46 kg

      Package(s): 1


    Function solution

    "Ketchup or mustard?"

    Long, thin sausages served in hot-dog buns are the classic Swedish fast food, and if ever visiting Sweden, you'll find small hot-dog stands all over. With KORV (wiener sausage, frozen) and KORVBRÖD (hot dog bread, frozen) you can make your own hot-dogs at home. Ketchup and mustard, such as KETCHUP (tomato ketchup) and SENAP MILD (mild mustard), are the traditional toppings, but ROSTAD LÖK (fried onion) is also very popular. Simmer or fry the sausages - done!