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JOSTEIN Shelving unit with door, in/outdoor/white,

Price 85€/piece
Price incl. VAT

How to get it

JOSTEIN storage system withstands moisture, making it perfect to use both outdoors on the balcony and indoors in areas like the laundry room or bathroom. Helps you keep things organised in small spaces!

Article Number094.371.63

Product details

The cabinet is durable, easy to clean and protected from rust since it is made of powder-coated steel.

By mounting the door with back/side panels on a JOSTEIN shelving unit, you transform open shelves into a closed storage cabinet.

You can use JOSTEIN both outdoors and indoors in humid areas since the system withstands moisture.


Width: 41 cm

Depth: 44 cm

Height: 90 cm

JOSTEIN Shelving unit with door, in/outdoor/white, 41x44x90 cm

If you live small, you’re probably somewhat of an expert in using every nook and cranny at home. Maybe your balcony is moonlighting as wardrobe, laundry room or recycling station? Then you should take a look at JOSTEIN, a flexible and affordable storage system that creates more room for everyday life in limited spaces.

Gunilla Hansson is an experienced product developer at IKEA who knows what challenges a limited living space can mean. “We’ve visited different homes and know that many feel they live small, but it’s not always a question of square metres, sometimes it’s more about how you use them.”

Furnish outdoors for more space indoors

So, how do we quench our thirst for more space if we don’t want to or have the possibility to change address? “We can use what we have in smarter ways”, tips Gunilla. JOSTEIN works in all areas of the home, and by creating storage outdoors you can free up space indoors. “Since all have individual needs, we need individual solutions. That’s why we made the JOSTEIN system super-flexible so it can take care of laundry and recycling, work as a cultivation bed and still have room for clothes, food, toys and tools.”

Extra room without moving

“With JOSTEIN you can create an adaptable whole with only a few parts – lengthwise and crosswise, with open and closed storage, different types of shelves and containers, or maybe a drying rack?” And when the needs change, you can rebuild your unit or add on more parts. The shelves are available in three different widths, so you can mix and match to utilise every square centimetre of space you have. All parts are treated and tested to withstand outdoor conditions. “JOSTEIN adapts to your life and offers a way to get extra space without spending money on moving.”