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Move heavy items without breaking a sweat (or your back)

The new INVALLNING trolley is the best piece of news your back and knees have received this year. Now you can stack and move heavy boxes with ease or use it as a piece of moveable furniture when space is limited.

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Three white KUGGIS boxes with lids stacked on top of a white INVALLNING trolley in a bright yellow room.
Video: A video of a white INVALLNING trolley being rolled around a bright yellow room.
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There for you, however you roll

Music maker, coffee connoisseur or gardening geek? NISSAFORS trolley isn’t going to judge you. It offers three storage shelves, four wheels and endless potential to be the help you need at home.

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Video: A black NISSAFORS trolley propped with art supplies, coffee articles, plants, and instruments rolls through a studio.
A close-up of two wheels belonging to a NISSAFORS trolley in black. The trolley is in a white studio space.
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