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Solid terry, soft against your skin

Soft, absorbent, fast drying and made from more sustainably-sourced cotton, the VÅGSJÖN bath towel leaves nobody untouched.

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A pile of VÅGSJÖN bath towels in pink, white, light beige and dark grey on top of an UTTER stool at the end of a bath.
    A pile of folded VÅGSJÖN bath towels in pink, white, light beige and dark grey on top of a white stool.
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      More optionsVÅGSJÖN Hand towel 50x100 cm

      VÅGSJÖN Bath towel, light beige, 70x140 cmVÅGSJÖN Hand towel, dark grey, 50x100 cmVÅGSJÖN Bath towel, grey-turquoise, 70x140 cm

      More optionsVINARN Hand towel 50x100 cm

      VINARN Guest towel, light grey/beige, 30x50 cmVINARN Hand towel, light grey/beige, 50x100 cmVINARN Bath sheet, blue, 100x150 cm

      More optionsFREDRIKSJÖN Hand towel 50x100 cm

      FREDRIKSJÖN Guest towel, dark blue, 30x50 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Bath towel, dark blue, 70x140 cmFREDRIKSJÖN Guest towel, dark grey, 30x50 cm

      More optionsHIMLEÅN Bath towel 70x140 cm

      HIMLEÅN Guest towel, dark blue/mélange, 30x50 cmHIMLEÅN Bath towel, dark blue/mélange, 70x140 cmHIMLEÅN Bath sheet, dark blue/mélange, 100x150 cm

      More optionsVALLASÅN Hand towel 50x100 cm

      VALLASÅN Bath sheet, light grey/brown, 100x150 cmVALLASÅN Bath towel, light grey/brown, 70x140 cmVALLASÅN Guest towel, light grey/brown, 30x50 cm

      More optionsÄNGSNEJLIKA Bath sheet 100x150 cm

      ÄNGSNEJLIKA Hand towel, grey/green, 50x100 cmÄNGSNEJLIKA Bath towel, grey/green, 70x140 cm

      More optionsENSKOTTMAL Bath sheet 100x150 cm

      ENSKOTTMAL Hand towel, lilac/striped, 50x100 cmENSKOTTMAL Bath towel, lilac/striped, 70x140 cm
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