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Pots & plants

A handy spot for green fingers

Do you have a passion for gardening, and a corner to spare? Why not turn that surface, indoors or out, into a year-round plant nursery? One with accessories for replanting, pruning and care, standing by for whenever inspiration sprouts.

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A white IKEA PS 2002 watering can amid a group of plants, one in a white FÖRENLIG plant pot, standing on an outdoor worktop.
A hand holding MÄRKBART scissors prunes a plant standing next to a white IKEA PS 2002 watering can on a sunlit worktop.
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Click and Collect Service

You can visit us at the store. But you don't have to.
Now, when making your smallest purchases online, you can collect them at one of the more than 1.000 CTT collection points of your choice.

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Take your plants to greater heights with plant stands

Using plants stands is a great way to add more greenery to a room, even with limited floor space. Place them anywhere at home, even in the kitchen for easy-to-grab herbs. A general rule for an aesthetically pleasing arrangement: place larger plants on the bottom shelf, and smaller ones on top.

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A black OLIVBLAD plant stand with various potted plants, a stack of books, and a bottle of water beside a sofa.
Two pine/black VANILJSTÅNG plant stands by a large window, with various plants in different plant pots.
A SATSUMAS plant stand with five pots, green herbs inside the white pots, against a wall by a kitchen sink at a window.
Behind a beige/brown SÖDERHAMN sofa is a bamboo/white SATSUMAS plant stand with books, a box and a potted plant.
On a windowsill is a white CHILISTRÅN plant stand with a leafy plant on the bottom shelf and a succulent on the higher one.
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Buy online and receive in your home from 4€.

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