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Outdoor cushions

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A textile touch-up of your outdoor lounge

When those precious summer days hit, having your own retreat is priceless. Updated with colourful textiles and glassware to handle refreshments, it works both as a space to greet guests and your personal, lazy lounge.

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Cushions with red-striped GULLBERGSÖ and brown-red MAJBRÄKEN cushion covers on a sofa standing by dense foliage outside.
    Two cushions, one with a red-striped GULLBERGSÖ cushion cover and the other with a brown-red MAJBRÄKEN cushion cover.
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    Outdoor cushions

    Once your outdoor furniture is arranged, add the final touch with some stylish cushions and soft pillows from IKEA. You can mix and match colours and patterns to add some style, while also making your outdoor sofa more comfortable.  

    In our selection, you'll find a variety of outdoor cushions. Add a soft garden cushion to your sun lounger, so you can stay comfortable while working on your tan, or to your outdoor dining area and enjoy a long dinner during a warm summer evening.  

    Outdoor cushions – a quick fix to improve your outdoor area

    A makeover doesn't have to be expensive or extensive; a small change can go a long way. By adding, removing or switching out the small things, you can create a whole new look for your balcony, garden or patio.  

    Adding some cosy seat cushions and fluffy outdoor pillows can transform an outdoor sofa from a simple piece of furniture to a striking design statement. Decorating with fabrics and colours is a great and cost-effective way to refresh and update your décor.  

    Some cushions have removable and replaceable covers. These models make it even easier to switch up your style. Find replacement covers with new colours to update the look without having to buy an all new cushion set. Or get duplicates in the same style to keep your outdoor room looking fresh as time goes by.   

    Storage to protect the outdoor cushions

    Keep your outdoor cushions fresh for longer by storing them when they're not in use. With our storage bags and boxes, you can protect the cushions from rain, dirt, dust and pollen. A simple and space-saving storage solution you can place anywhere you like. Choose a waterproof, outdoor storage option, and you won’t have to take up valuable inside space to store your pillows and cushions.