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A kitchen outfitted with appliances that pefectly suit your needs will save you time and effort every day, all the way from preparing food and cooking to emptying your dishwasher. We have everything from cooktops and hobs to a huge selection of cabinets, washing machines and ovens.

Kitchen planning

We are so confident of the quality of our METOD kitchens that we offer you 25-year guarantee to prove it. Read more about guarantees.

Dream kitchens just for you

Our METOD kitchen system includes cabinets in several different sizes to fit your room layout as well as your kitchen habits. The flexibility of the system offers endless of choices, giving you the freedom to customise a kitchen that’s ideal for you and your space.

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Collect your products on the same day for free in the parking lot of one of our IKEA stores. See more.

We deliver your products at your home via carrier. See more.

Plan your dream space. See more.

An almost instant kitchen


Whatever your choice, you can be sure your appliance is made to last. Our entire range comes with a free 5-year guarantee (except TILLREDA and LAGAN). Read more about guarantees.

Appliances you can rely on

Good kitchen appliances should fit with the people who use them. We all have different needs, tastes and wallets. Our appliances are designed to make your life in the kitchen easier.

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Get cooking (storing and organising) with our kitchen appliances series

GRUNDVATTNET accessories series

What every hardworking kitchen needs, our GRUNDVATTNET accessories ease the daily challenge of prepping, cooking and cleaning. Designed to make your workflow more efficient, saving you time, water and effort.

VARIERA kitchen storage series

Get more space in your kitchen. From cutlery trays to spice racks, our VARIERA kitchen storage series fits inside drawers and cabinets to give everything an proper home, so your utensils and ingredients are easy to find.

KUNGSFORS kitchen series

The KUNGSFORS series offers open storage that gives utensils, spices and recipes their given and visible place on the wall. Organised utensils means more space and a better flow in the kitchen, so that cooking is easier.

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