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Keep the beauty of summer alive all year round

Create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in your home with the new TRYSTÄVMAL curtains. The floral pattern creates a serene and calming atmosphere while also providing privacy and filtering light. The eyelets offer an elegant and modern drape, making them ideal for windows that are frequently opened and closed.

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Beige-and-white TRYSTÄVMAL curtains draping down to the floor in a space with blue walls and a vase holding dry grassy stems.
Draping folds and the details of the floral pattern of beige-and-white TRYSTÄVMAL curtains.
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Layered curtains and why they’re amazing

Simply put, they’re beautiful and they’re functional. Combining sheer curtains with thick darkening ones adds depth to a room, and an easy way to enhance the style of any space. And they’re great for privacy. You can choose to let light in with sheer curtains or block the view with heavier textiles.

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A dark yellow BINGSTA armchair stands in the corner of a room by a window, with layered curtains hung on VIDGA track rails.
A window is furnished with layered curtains, white TIBAST curtains and dark beige DYTÅG curtains, hung on VIDGA track rails.
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