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Cabinets & Cupboards

Put your faves in focus with a new cabinet

These RUDSTA and BLÅLIDEN glass display cabinets provide a functional storage solution as well as a sweet personal touch to your living space. Set up for integrated lighting, they’re a great choice for keeping fancy dinnerware, displaying framed photographs or showcasing decorations.

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Facing forward, a green RUDSTA cabinet with a greetings card and two glass vases inside stands against a dusky pink wall.
Against a muted green background, three white BLÅLIDEN cabinets with jugs and vases inside are staggered in a line.
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Keep your bedroom clutter-free

Often overlooked as a piece of bedroom furniture, cabinets can provide stylish and convenient storage. In a range of different sizes and aesthetics to suit your room, it’s a great place to store books, jewellery and personal items. You can also use the top to display photographs, decorations or plants.

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A low dark cabinet with books on top sits beneath a window with light shining through. A rattan lamp is on the window sill.
Two dark cabinets are attached to the wall one above the other. Toys are placed on top of the lower cabinet.
Light streams through the room onto a pine cabinet sitting in front of the window. A round green vase is on top.
A dark cabinet with a door open is standing in front of a beige wall. Dried foliage in glass vases sit on top of the cabinet.
Next to an open wardrobe is a small cabinet fixed to the wall. A round rattan mirror and clothing hook is on the wall beside.
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