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Bathroom mirrors

Get a front-row seat to your morning bed head

The new FAXÄLVEN mirrors with built-in lighting are all about giving you the best start to the day. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to make sure you find the perfect one for your bathroom.

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Video: A video of three wall-mounted FAXÄLVEN, mirrors with built-in lighting, where the light turns on and off.
The corner of a white FAXÄLVEN mirror with built-in lighting. An EKOLN soap dish is on the shelf underneath the mirror.
See mirror cabinets

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Tested to cope with high humidity areas, our bathroom mirrors with shelf aren’t just practical for seeing where you’re really put your lip gloss or shaving cream. They will make your bathroom look bigger. Add a vanity mirror for close-ups, to make sure your hair is doing what you want at the back.