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Sweet dreams with cots and cot mattresses

You’ll sleep better yourself knowing that all IKEA cots and cot mattresses are tested to strict safety standards. Plus, with many cots you can remove one side when your child gets bigger, so they can use it for longer.

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A pregnant woman stands between a window and a pile of cot mattresses with a duvet, a pillow and a toy crown on top.
A white GULLIVER cot sits in a room corner. The base is lowered, one side removed and it is covered with RÖRANDE bed linen.
SNIGLAR beech cot. Child on top of a VILTO birch bench.
SMÅGÖRA cot with white LEN canopy.
Baby in a SUNDVIK cot. A FLISAT bookcase on the wall.
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Fun and development with baby toys

As well as providing lots of giggles, IKEA baby toys are designed to help stimulate your baby’s motor skills, hearing, eyesight and more.

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Easier mealtimes for you both

Beakers that small hands can hold, comfortable bibs, durable bowls and more. Just what you need when your child starts exploring the world of food.

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Different coloured KALLAS spoons and KALLAS bowls holding yoghurt and fruit sit on a multicoloured tablecloth.
A smiling young child with dark hair wearing a KLADDIG bib and holding a plastic spoon sits in a BLÅMES highchair.
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