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Welcome to IKEA Jordan

Bring on the mess !

Life can be messy and behind every mess, there are new possibilities.

We have made a huge effort to reduce the prices of thousands of solutions to bring you many new possibilities to organize your home better, all at lower prices.

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Get set for school their way, and yours

Who do you want to be at college? 

Great news for our PAX/KOMPLEMENT fans!

We have lowered the prices of your favourite storage solutions in order for you to enjoy them at home!No wonder these solutions are everyone’s number one as they are versatile, flexible and easily customizable based on your needs, style and budget.

See the PAX system
See the PAX system

Your undersea realm

Let the water-inspired textiles and the natural materials create a cosy, soft world made of round shapes and bold tone-on-tone colours. Dive into relaxation at night to come up fresh in the morning. Perfectly dry.

What’s new in the IKEA range
What’s new in the IKEA range

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How to live more sustainably at home

We understand that more and more people are interested in reducing the impact they have on the planet, but that many don’t really know how to do it.

To make this easier we focus on a few key things: energy, air, water and waste.

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