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Hej and welcome to IKEA Jordan!

Organize any space for less

Discover a more organized you. We want to lend you a helping hand and put everything into place. Find inspiration, tips and ideas to start cleaning out, sorting, displaying or hiding. Explore our most affordable solutions to organize any space you want, starting with shoes, work space, children’s area to your bedroom. 

Get organized and show your home who’s in charge.

Enjoy our lowest prices ever

Lower prices. Same great quality!

What’s the secret? It’s simple. By producing in high volumes with smarter design and flat packaging, we keep our costs down. That way, we can continue to offer affordable products without having to compromise on quality.

Discover All ELP products!
Discover All ELP products!

New arrivals!

Browse and shop our latest Collections! Shoo away the dullness with new products in fresh tones!!

Our services

you can do everything yourself, but you don’t have to.

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Returns and Claims

It’s OK to change your mind. you can return your products

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Product support

The help you need — all in one place.

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