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Return policy

If you’ve changed your mind or you’re not satisfied with your purchase, simply return the unused item within 90 days for an exchange or refund. Some exceptions apply.

What you will need

Your receipt and the unused items in their original unopened packaging are required for all returns and exchanges. We issue refunds through the same method of payment as the original payment (e.g. credit card purchases will be credited to the original credit card account).

Purchases that are not refundable

• Used bedding (i.e. bed linens, duvets, pillows and pillow-tops)

• Stuffed and upholstered products without a law label

• Cut metre fabrics

• Made-to-measure items (i.e. custom countertops)

• Products that have been modified, altered or washed

• AS-IS products

• IKEA gift cards

• At any time, IKEA reserves the right to refuse a return or exchange, and we may ask for picture identification. Please visit your local IKEA store or contact us for more details.

Mattress return policy

It takes time for you and your new mattress to get used to each other. That’s why we give you 90 days to make sure you’re compatible. If the chemistry isn’t right, simply come back and choose another mattress*. When you’ve found your perfect match, you can sleep easy for years to come with our free 25-year guarantee.

*Terms and condition apply

• You may exchange your mattress once within 90 days if you don’t love it, provided that it is not dirty, marked or damaged. Simply take your mattress back to the IKEA store with your receipt and we will help you find one that suits you better.

• Please note that initially your new mattress can seem a bit too firm. Allow at least one month for your body to get used to the mattress and for the mattress to get used to your body. To get the best comfort you also need the right pillow. Make sure you have a pillow that suits you and your new mattress.

• If you would like to upgrade your mattress, all we ask is that you pay the difference between the original purchase price and the price of the replacement chosen. If the replacement mattress is lower in price, we will credit the difference to an IKEA refund card for you to use towards a future purchase.

• The “Try it at home for 90 days” return policy is valid on all new mattresses but does not apply to SULTAN bed bases, bed slats and mattress pads.

• The terms & conditions of our 25 year guarantee and the care instructions can be found in our guarantee brochure. This return policy and our guarantee do not affect your statutory rights.

IKEA Shop Online Return Policy

“Your right to return”

If “You” wish to return an order, all you have to do is to notify us about your decision. “You” may notify us through the telephone. Call us on this number: +962 6 400 1000.
Please prepare your order number and one of our representatives from Customer Service Center will verify your order details and proceed with your return process.

If “You” wish to return your order after receiving it, “You” have to return the items to us in a period that does not exceed 90 days from the day you ordered it; “We” have the full right to disapprove the return of any products does not meet the following conditions: returned products within 90 days must be unassembled and unused, with full original packaging.

To arrange for pick up and return the items you don’t want please call our Customer Service Center on: +962 6 400 1000 and talk to one of our representatives; then request the return. Please prepare your order number and the delivery receipt before placing your call.


  •  Returning Parcel orders

Please Call Customer Service Center on +962 6 400 1000, as required.


  • Returning Truck orders

Please Call Customer Service Center on +962 6 400 1000, to arrange for your return. Our agent will arrange the date and time to receive your items from the address stated in your original order.


  • Status of Returned Items

Products to be returned need to be in a proper condition as received, wrapped in its original wrapping, “We” shall refund you with the same way your originally paid for it (for example the amount will be refunded to your credit card account you used when you placed you purchase order), with additional charges for the return orders, the picking and delivery charges should not be refunded.


  • Purchases that Cannot Be Returned
  1. Used bed sheets (such as sheets, duvets, pillows, and pillow cases).
  2. Opened packages.
  3. All stuffed, upholstered and padded products without the original card.
  4. Products that are manufactured by special measurements (such as work surfaces).
  5. Any products that have been modified changed or washed.


  • Our Conditions to receive the products

“We” shall receive the products from you from the address where they were delivered originally, and that is according to the following conditions:

  1. “You” agree to give all products you want to return to our representative along with unopened and full packaging.
  2. “You” must sign the return receipt to confirm the return process. The representative will attend to receive products by providing the return document.
  3. If you cannot be present in person to return the products you may assign someone to act on your behalf. Your representative must be an adult, distinctive, able to supervise all products when returned on your behalf, and you agree that we shall have the right to rely on his instructions as if they were yours.


  • Refunding your Money

“We” shall receive the products from you from the address where they were delivered originally, and that is according to the following conditions:

“We” shall refund the amount paid to purchase the products and refund the money to your credit card account used in payment.However, please note that products must be returned as specified in the return Policy.The delivery and assembly fees which “You” have paid shall not be refunded in case “You” demand to return the order we delivered.If “We” agree to refund your money, “We” shall not be responsible of the refund date to your bank account.The date of refund to your credit card may differ according to your Bank. (It may take from (1) business day to (3) weeks).If “You” cancel installment service, “We” will not be responsible for any installation fees. (Please refer to your own bank).