Bathroom products

Sometimes you’re looking for a new bathroom sink. Other times, some woven baskets do the trick. Whatever your needs, our bathroom department carries furniture and accessories that cover them all.

Bathroom in blue and stripes, a SALTRÖD mirror with shelf and hooks and a VILTO towel stand and striped towel hanging.

Let graphic stripes and cool blues set the right bathroom mood

Match some colourful textiles with your bathroom décor and it all becomes one super-nice place to get clean. Your own little mountain spring (but with the hot running water).

Bathroom with a GODMORGON wash stand and towels, storage and a soap dispenser on it, and a window with a view behind.

Get a little softness for your bathroom

Wrap your bathroom in Scandinavia style, wrap yourself in soft bath towels, and turn a simple shower into some spa luxury.

Organise your bathroom necessities

Good storage means the only thing that gets a shower in your bathroom is you (okay, the shower curtain too).

Get fresh ideas to make your bathroom love your moments together