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Bathroom products

HEMNES bathroom series - traditional look, modern function

Enjoy that crafted Scandinavian look with your bathroom necessities close at hand. HEMNES bathroom series makes all your daily bathroom activities easy. There’s even somewhere for dirty laundry and waste disposal. Clean you, clean world.

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A bathroom with HEMNES bathroom furniture, two FRIHULT wall lamps in stainless steel on the wall and an ALSTERN bath mat.
A bathroom with a HEMNES bench in white with various bathroom articles on it, and a candlestick and candle on a stool behind.
A bathroom with a HEMNES high cabinet with glass door, an open wash-stand with bathroom items, and a mirror on the wall.
A bathroom with a HEMNES storage bench with towel rail and four hooks in white holding towels and other bathroom articles.
A HEMNES/TÖRNVIKEN in white open wash-stand with one of the drawers open, various bathroom articles are in the drawer.
See the HEMNES bathroom series

Pamper and revive with soft textiles

Turn your bathroom into your own personal spa with a tactile kimono and cotton towels that are gentle against your skin.

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A woman wearing a VÅRDANDE cotton kimono uses a VÅRDANDE towel as a turban to dry her hair in a bathroom.
A cotton VÅRDANDE washcloth with hand sewn stitching is folded over a stack of pink towels on a bathroom wooden counter.
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BROGRUND series – clean, simple and distinctive

If you are looking for a modern and coordinated bathroom with water and energy-saving solutions and clever storage products to turn chaos into harmony, then the BROGRUND series might be right up your alley.

See the BROGRUND series
A contemporary bathroom with two FRIHULT wall lamps on either side of a LINDBYN mirror, above a wash-stand with two drawers.
A towel and shower accessories hang from a BROGRUND hanger for door in stainless steel.
A beige tiled bathroom with a window to the side, and bath towels hanging from two BROGRUND towel rails in stainless steel.
A bathroom with white tiles and beige walls. A woman is standing underneath a BROGRUND head/hand shower kit, taking a shower.
A BROGRUND toilet roll holder in stainless steel holding a toilet roll, against a white tiled wall.
See the BROGRUND series

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