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Like jewels in your dining room

Add a simple vase (or three) and see how your table transforms into a thing of beauty. There are plenty of styles to choose from – from minimalist clear glass vases to colourful ones – all will add a sparkling touch to your space.

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Against a mirrored wall, a shelf is lined with KONSTFULL glass vases. Refelected in the mirror is a laid dining table.
On a dining table, bowls, glasses and a set of three CYLINDER vases stand on top. One of the vases contains orange tulips.
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Playful vase or fun watering can?

Get creative with your décor by choosing pieces that are fun to use. Designed by Bruno Adrien Aguirre, this vase and watering can combined, is inspired by the cactus plant. Made with a playful and bold expression it brings an instant smile to your lips and becomes a talking point when you have guests over.

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An above view of the bright green ÄRTBUSKE vase/watering can on a white surface, to show a handle and a pouring spout.
A green ÄRTBUSKE watering can and vase in the shape of a cactus is standing alone aganist a completely white backdrop.
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Create a welcoming atmosphere with scented candles

Simply light a scented candle and see (or smell!) how the feeling of the room changes. Pick and choose candles in reusable containers – made in collaboration with British designer Ilse Crawford – with scents that you like: dreamy Scandinavian forests, or cosy and warm vanilla, among many others.

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On a cream coloured surface a ADLAD scented candle is lit. In the background a glasss container contains foliage.
On a dark green side table, is a lit JÄMLIK scented candle. Next to it is a tray with KONSTFULL vases and flowers.
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Own an unlimited edition vase

Looks like an arty sculpture. Works as a vase and watering can. CHILIFRUKT vase is ready to exhibit in your home.

Video: A bright yellow CHILIFRUKT vase/watering can is on top of a pedestal and is picked up by a person’s hand to water a plant.
Three bright yellow CHILIFRUKT vase/watering cans shown from above in a white studio space to show their sculptural form.

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