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IKEA Restaurant

Relax from shopping for a while. Bring the family to the restaurant for a tasty meal. Try a Swedish speciality or a local one. Our restaurant has a wide selection of delicious foods including: Swedish cakes and pastries, soup, healthy rolls and wraps.

*Take-away orders are available from the IKEA Restaurant, IKEA Bistro and Swedish Food Market.



Cold and salad plate

Responsibly sourced seafood

Healthy and tasty fish make for healthy and happy customers. That’s why IKEA was part of a dialogue with global environmental experts to develop responsible salmon farming standards that are better for the fish and for the environment. All IKEA salmon comes from farms that are certified to the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) standards.

Responsible sourcing helps keep the ocean stocked

A plant ball for meat lovers 

Small things can make a big difference. Take our new plant ball, for example. It has the great taste and texture of the IKEA meatball but only 4% of the climate footprint. That means it’s just as delicious – only smarter. Have a bite!

    The plant ball is proof that a less meaty future can be just as delicious, whether you’re a meat lover or not.

    We asked IKEA customers what they think about the new plant ball. Do you agree? Have a bite!

        The dish will be served with mashed potatoes, cream sauce, lingonberry jam and peas, just like the traditional meatball plate – and at the same low price. Of course, the plant ball will also be available from the Swedish Food Market in our stores. Curious? Go on – have a taste!

        *Take-away orders are available from the IKEA Restaurant, IKEA Bistro and Swedish Food Market.

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        Kids' meals


        Juices & beverages

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