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IKEA Food and Restaurant

Swedish Restaurant

If shopping makes you hungry, just pay a visit to the Swedish restaurant, where you can enjoy Swedish specialities while your children play – and also plan the rest of your shopping trip in a completely relaxed atmosphere. Feel free to take a break and discover culinary delights from Sweden!

Swedish Bistro 

After checkout and before returning home, the whole family can refresh themselves in the Swedish Bistro. The little ones get an ice cream for their good behaviour and you get the necessary energy after a successful purchase. In the Swedish Bistro you will find delicious, simple dishes at unbeatable prices. 

Swedish Food Market

Swedish home-cooked meatballs or irresistible cinnamon buns - which is your favorite? Many sweet and savory specialties prepared with love await you at our Swedish food market. Feast on healthy oatmeal smoothies, cold smoked salmon, crusty bread and many other Swedish specialties. Beverages like coffee, tea or syrup are also part of our assortment.

Enjoy our food offers!


Cold and salad plate

A plant ball for meat lovers 

Small things can make a big difference. Take our new plant ball, for example. It has the great taste and texture of the IKEA meatball but only 4% of the climate footprint. That means it’s just as delicious – only smarter. Have a bite!

    The plant ball is proof that a less meaty future can be just as delicious, whether you’re a meat lover or not.

    We asked IKEA customers what they think about the new plant ball. Do you agree? Have a bite!

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