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Make more in India

IKEA catalogue showing various products
In 2020, the Government of India identified certain sectors, which have the potential to fuel manufacturing prowess, accelerate exports and emerge as champion sectors to achieve five trillion-dollar economic ambitions. One of these sectors is the furniture sector.

The industry is witnessing increasing demand in India for affordable, sustainable, good quality and well-designed furniture. However, to synergise the growing demand with industry competence to accelerate its growth to its wished position, the furniture industry must set a planned trajectory for unleashing its true potential.

To support India’s journey of being ‘Self Reliant’ and Make ‘India as the Hub for Furniture manufacturing’, IKEA together with PwC has worked on ‘Thought Leadership Paper – Strategic Roadmap for Furniture Sector Growth’ in partnership with PWC and diverse stakeholders like retailers, FICCI Furniture Committee members, manufacturers, potential supplier, industry subject matter experts, etc.  The paper entails an in-depth understanding of the furniture industry needs, recommendations for building the pre-requisites for short, medium, and long-term growth, and insights from other countries (Poland, Vietnam, China, Romania etc) that have managed to transform this sector over the last few years.

We are confident that this paper would be beneficial in building effective reforms to unleash the Indian Furniture Sector competitiveness. IKEA is committed to India and will work together as partners to make more in India and be part of the journey to make India the hub for furniture manufacturing in years to come. 

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