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It’s the future. Again. Meet the Nytillverkad collection.

This year, IKEA is turning 80 and to celebrate, we are bringing back a selection of iconic home furnishings hand-picked from our archive. Reimagined in bright, joyful colours and new materials, the Nytillverkad collection honours our unique take on design as simple, functional and always a little playful.

New design classics for every day

In multiple launches over the next few years, we will release a series of carefully selected home furnishings from our treasure chest. Updated to match the bold outlook of the next generation, say hello to furnishings that dare to be truly timeless.

See the Nytillverkad collection
A blue LÖVBACKEN side table is tipped over spilling a glass of blue paint on the floor. Behind are two other LÖVBACKEN.
A black KULTURSKOG plant stand with two leafy pot plants is in a bright living room space with a blue sofa.
A person in trousers made from KRYPKORNELL pre-cut fabric with a leaf pattern sits on a DOMSTEN stool with orange legs.
A black BONDSKÄRET tree-shaped coat/hat stand with a blue tote bag is in a tiled space alongside a dark peach column.
A table covered with a cloth made of LAGERMISPEL pre-cut fabric is set with two goblets filled with folded HAVSKATT napkins.
See the Nytillverkad collection
A selection of the pastel Nytillverkad products are arranged in an artful composition including the SLÖJSILJA duvet set.
We dare to be different. With this collection, we can start a new movement in colour and Scandinavian design.

Karin GustavssonRange Identity Leader, IKEA of Sweden

The future looks bright

The first Nytillverkad collection is characterised by vibrant colours and clean, graphic lines. These two design classics – a plant stand originally from 1957 and a coat stand from 1978 – are restyled in eye-catching contemporary shades.

A blue vase with orange flowers is in a light green KULTURSKOG plant stand on a blue STOENSE rug in a blue-painted room.
A white canvas bag and bucket hat hang from the tree-like arms of a yellow BONDSKÄRET coat/hat stand in a bright space.

A love letter to a beloved side table

Way back in 1956, IKEA produced one of its most iconic pieces of furniture of all time: a loveable side table called LÖVET. A true treasure, we have brought her back in cheerful colours as LÖVBACKEN.

A red rotary dial telephone, notebook and pen are on a blue LÖVBACKEN side table on a red and lilac square tiled floor.

Radically simple – 80 years of no frills, no fuss

Simplicity has always been a key part in the IKEA DNA. For this collection, we are returning to our roots and embracing straightforward design. Take these stackable stools or those minimal candle holders. It doesn’t get simpler than that.

Video: Multiple DOMSTEN stools with legs in orange, lilac and light green are stacked on top of each other in an endless loop.
Two TUVKORNELL candle holders in lilac and blue are on a light green surface. A blue candle holder is on a lilac podium.

Get into the groove

This collection is brought to life with bold patterns and clean stripes from our archive by celebrated Swedish textile designer Sven Fristedt.

A person in a suit made from KRYPKORNELL pre-cut fabric emerges from matching curtains with a plant pot covering their face.
A person sleeps in a bed dressed in SLÖJSILJA bed linen wearing an eye mask made from matching LAGERMISPEL pre-cut fabric.
A bedroom set with products from the Nytillverkad collection including a single bed dressed with a SLÖJSILJA duvet cover.
The simplicity in the design – how they look – and how they help you in your everyday life is what makes this collection so special.

Johan EjdemoDesign Manager, IKEA of Sweden