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October Designs - Personalised, budget-friendly, and sustainable – a home fit for an entrepreneur

October Designs, a Bengaluru-based boutique residential design studio, was approached to help design the interiors of a 3,000 sq. ft. home where an entrepreneur planned to live alone but with a highly social lifestyle.

What followed was the project where IKEA and October Designs collaborated to bring someone’s dream home to life.

October Designs was searching for a partner to support with home furnishings for their new project. They needed products which were budget-friendly, sustainable, and could be assembled quickly. Fortunately, we fit the bill in all these aspects! With our support, October Designs was able to focus on their creative process while we helped with product expertise and logistics.

Comfy and well-lit 

The SODERHAMN sofa gives a cosy lounge feel to the living room, with deep, generous seats perfect for either stretching out or curling up.

Sheer curtains add a new dimension to the space and help make it feel extra roomy.

Stylish sustainability

Made from recycled paper, the KRUSNING pendant lamp has a unique design. The lamp spreads a diffused and decorative light to create a soft and cosy atmosphere.

Wine and dine

Our SKOGSTA dining table has a solid wood finish which gives the space a warm and inviting feeling.

The quintessential SINNERLIG lamps throw light on the dining table while casting a crisscross pattern on the walls. We’ve put 3 pendant lamps here to create focus and help make the table the hero of the room.

Conversations aplenty

The lightweight yet comfortable PELLO armchairs are perfect for catching up over morning coffees or late-night snacks.

We used armchairs here instead of a sofa to give more flexibility to the room, and red covers to contrast with the surroundings.

Say “hej” to deep sleep

Our MALM bed has a large headboard, which combined with a back pillow, is the comfiest reading spot.

By placing the bed in the centre of the room, the client can use the headboard for additional functions such as stacking books or displaying decoratives.

Simple storage

A chest of drawers is a must-have for any bedroom. The KOPPANG chest of 3 drawers has room for favourite clothes, extra beddings and more!

In the midst of the pandemic, IKEA came to the rescue with quick, affordable and sustainable home furnishings for every room in the client's home. Truly a reliable collaborator!

Priyanka Singh Interior Designer

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IKEA are experts in home furnishings, but our furniture can also be used and purchased by companies. Of course, you must always consider how the products will be used and what wear resistance and what fire requirements are set in the particular business you are going to shop for. Some of our products are specially developed and tested for public environments and large parts of our office furniture are tested and developed especially for long days in the office. In order for you to be satisfied and feel that you have chosen the right products for the right purpose, our company sellers are always there to help you choose the best solution for your business.