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Three different ways to use your balconies

Enjoy the fine weather while you finish up chores or breathe in the open air during relaxed evenings. Make the most of your balcony space to make your work or hobby time better. 

Sunlit balcony coffee nook formed by folding chairs and a KNAGGLIG crate standing on its side as a small table in between.
Sunlit balcony coffee nook formed by folding chairs and a KNAGGLIG crate standing on its side as a small table in between.

For Work - Doing the laundry is now a breeze

Make washing clothes a fun experience by adding a view. The glass balcony is the perfect space for a laundry area. Add storage to keep detergents, brushes or anything else you might need at your fingertips. 

Get your walls to give you a hand

Not enough space for a drying rack? Get the wall-mounted hanging carousels to dangle the small pieces in your laundry. Choose the ones with retractable arms to save more space. You can even bring them inside and store them away once done. 

Got a ceiling? Put it to use

Often underrated, the ceiling helps increase the efficiency of your balcony space. Fix rails and hooks on it to hang your clothes to dry. Differentiate between the laundry and relaxation areas by adding a curtain to section the spaces. And when you don’t need them, the hooks and rails are not in your way. 

Most balconies have strict space limitations, but a bit of planning combined with flexible furniture make it possible to both have room for storage and easily shift between activities.

Maila Halme, IKEA interior designer

For relaxing - Soak up the sun in a cosy nook

When it’s not laundry time, the balcony can be easily rearranged to create a cosy nook. You can enjoy your breakfast or watch the sunset here - our foldable and wheeled furniture makes it more comfortable.

A most creative side table

If there isn’t enough space to fit a side table in your balcony, use a pair of hooks to place a makeshift tabletop to hold your mugs. And when you are done, they can double as laundry hangers too!

From work mode to rest mode

Use some ceiling hooks and hang a curtain to separate the laundry and fun side of your balcony. It’s a perfect little spot to put your feet up once you are done with the chores. And if you are not done, just draw the curtain - we won’t tell if you don’t! 

Have a picnic indoors!

Enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of your home and turn your balconies into an inviting picnic spot. Pack a basket with all the essentials to set the mood.

For Hobbies - A personal space for you to enjoy what you love

Planning to take up gardening? You don’t need a large backyard for that. The balcony is perfect for giving your plants a spot in the sun. Get some pots and gardening accessories and keep them on a trolley for easy movement. You can even have a few tea towels handy to clean up after you are done.

Everything your plant needs at one place

Let your little saplings thrive and keep all things necessary for their well-being in one convenient basket. A little gardening kit to make your daily care routine easier.

Make space for your home garden

With foldable tables or trolleys, you can quickly make space for your home garden after your coffee time is over. Also, the rails on the ceiling are perfect for keeping your rugs and runners safe from dirt

The two T’s for a more flexible balcony

Our trolleys and trays make your gardening time simpler. With the trolley, you can move your pots and accessories to the perfect spot while the tray keeps the space clear of any loose soil. 

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go for it! But please note that altering or modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be re-sold or used for their original purpose, means the IKEA commercial guarantees and your right to return the products will be lost.

Made by
Interior designer: Maila Halme
Photographer: Thommy Bengtsson
Writer: Henrik Annemark