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Style you can sleep in

Getting a good night’s sleep is important, but not always easy. Unwanted light, mess and temperature issues can all get in the way of an all-important eight hours. We can help you win at sleeping with clever ideas and solutions, so that your bedroom becomes a stylish safe haven of relaxation from the outside world.

A good night’s sleep can pave the way for a successful next day, so a well-planned bedroom can work wonders. From textiles that provide insulation and block out light, to customisable storage options, getting a great night’s sleep is easier than you’d think.

Marie Tenglund, Stylist

The STÖTTA strip lighting means you can avoid waking your partner if you come home late at night. Its gentle glow is bright enough for you to get ready for bed, but dim enough so they can sleep on, undisturbed.

Even if you don’t need complete darkness to sleep, light from outside can often keep you up at night. The TUPPLUR block-out blind’s special coating shuts out the world, meaning you can win at sleeping, even in 'brightly-lit' urban areas.

Rest easy knowing that everything is organised and where it should be with the PAX storage. Not only will a 'clutter-free' bedroom ensure a peaceful night’s sleep, it’ll also set you up for a leisurely morning, getting dressed and ready for the day.