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Problem solved: bathroom phone holders

A place to put your phone in the bathroom may be a modern, little problem, but it’s easily solved. Check out these no-drill ways to keep your phone safe and sound while tending to your bathroom routines.

Bag, clip, hang, done! Grab a resealable plastic bag that fits your phone. Close it tightly to lockout steamy moisture. Clip it on a hanger. Now you won’t miss a call. And yes, you can use a phone through the bag. (We tried it.)

Later, toothbrush. It’s a home for your phone now. The secret’s in the suction cups. Each toothbrush holder has one, so it’s simple to stick onto glass, mirrors or tiles. Add some labels to mark whose phone is whose. Bonus: the holders amplify sound, so your tunes can join you.

Made by
Interior designers: Fredrik Biel/Nathalie Kamkum
Photographer: Mårten Linton
Writer: Marissa Frayer