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Make working from home easier

In today’s world of flexible work options, having a work-from-home station has become a necessity. An ergonomic and comfortable workspace, helps doing your job easier. If you don’t have enough space in your home for a separate study, use a part of the living room as a work-from-home station.

Two desks and desk chairs in the corner of a white living room with wall storage.
Two desks and desk chairs in the corner of a white living room with wall storage.

Work from a different view every day

Working from home gives you the perfect opportunity to change things up. Get our storage unit with wheels to use as a desk and shift your work station from your living room to your bedroom, wherever the light’s better. You can even add magnets to the metal mesh sides to use as a pegboard or hooks to keep your cables organised. 

Make space for team projects

Teamwork required? Attach a few hooks to the walls and hang up our foldable furniture to create extra seating space for colleagues. Want to brighten up your workstation? Add a touch of greenery with plants. 

Take the help of your walls

Free up floor space and dedicate one wall in the living room to storing your stationery, files and folders. It's easy to keep them organised with wall cabinets, open shelves and drawers. If you get them in the same colour, your workstation stands out from the rest of the room. You can even pick storage boxes to keep your shelves clutter-free and label them to find your paper clips or markers easily. Want to get creative with the storage? The shelf brackets hold large items such as rolls of papers. 

Comfortable furniture is important

When it comes to office (even home office) furniture, comfort equals productivity. Our height-adjustable NILSERIK stool is a great pick for maintaining good posture while you are sitting or standing. It’s easy to match the height with that of your table, just press a few buttons under the seat.