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KUNGSFORS: your kitchen, your way

Designed in collaboration with Swedish chef Maximillian Lundin, KUNGSFORS is a new industrial-style system of wall storage and accessories that encourages customers to play around with different combinations and create a truly personal kitchen.

Metal rails and wooden shelves storing kitchen items.
Metal rails and wooden shelves storing kitchen items.

Keep everything within arm’s reach To make the cooking process simpler, KUNGSFORS combines shelves, grids and rails that put everything you need, from utensils to ingredients, on show. The units can be mounted to the wall or placed on suspension rails so you can move them around to suit your needs.

Forward-thinking Vegan chef Maximillian Lundin brought his restaurant-kitchen know-how to the design process. Here are his top tips for creating a kitchen set-up that is personal and adaptable:

  1. ‘Problems in the way we cook usually don’t show up until you start cooking at home. Traditionally, we adapt to the way the kitchen looks, but we should have the possibility to adapt the kitchen to the way we cook, so think about that at the planning stage.’

  2. ‘The kitchen should breathe with the seasons, inhaling and exhaling according to which ingredients are used. With plant-based diets, for example, eating in harmony with the seasons is important. For this, your kitchen needs to be able to grow and shrink on a regular basis. In the summer, the abundance of leafy greens will take up more space in the fridge, whereas root veg in the winter can be stored in boxes outside the fridge, but the extra peeling and chopping will require more counter space.’

  3. ‘What personality does your kitchen have? Is it sociable and lively, or calm and meditative? My children love to hang out in the kitchen and taste the food I cook. So I want the spoons close at hand on the wall. KUNGSFORS is about creating a kitchen environment that works around you and your family.’