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How to keep your laundry area organised

Creating an exclusive laundry station in a limited area is easier than you think. Just follow these tips by interior designer Kristina Pospelova for a laundry space everyone can use. 

Laundry-related items stored on shelves, in pots and on hooks on a white pegboard.
Laundry-related items stored on shelves, in pots and on hooks on a white pegboard.

Manage your space wisely

‘Low shelves and clothes pegs small fingers can manage make this a space where it’s easy for a child to join in with the laundry,’ says Kristina. ‘ALGOT is a really flexible system, you can fit all the functions you need for laundry in a small space, and swap it round when your needs change. Adding a rail to dry clothes on hangers saves space and saves time on ironing, too!’

Try going transparent

‘Transparent boxes make it easy to see where things are and, visually, they make the space seem bigger as you can see through them. We stored all the chemicals for washing on high shelves, out of the children’s reach. For small items you need to keep here, like scissors and pins, try smaller jars and pots to store them in an orderly way.’

Transform any space in the home into a convenient laundry room

Our idea was to make a nook in the bathroom useful. Even if you don’t have space for it all, you can take parts of the idea and use them anywhere at home – in any cupboard or on any wall. The SKÅDIS pegboard is small but functional and adjusts to your needs with hooks and shelves. The shelf above the washing machine is deep so it doubles as a worktop, a spot to fold laundry.’

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