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Home visit: how to make your mornings run smoother

Setting a new and improved morning routine is now as easy as hitting the refresh button. Organising your drawers more efficiently, switching to an alarm clock -  our home improvement ideas make mornings easier.

Clothes hanging on wooden coat hangers on a clothes rail placed in front of wavy black and white wallpaper.
Clothes hanging on wooden coat hangers on a clothes rail placed in front of wavy black and white wallpaper.

Keep the next day’s outfit ready

Try adding a clothes rail to your mix of clothes storage and hang your outfits for the coming week. This simple change saves time in the mornings, where you would decide what to wear each day. Instead, you can have fun during Sunday nights trying to style your looks for the week ahead. If there’s a lack of space, just use a hook to hang tomorrow’s outfit before going to bed. 

Say no to phones and yes to alarm clocks!

Switch from using phones to wake you up to using an alarm clock instead. Try turning your bedroom into a phone-free zone! According to the latest research on the things that distress us, the convenience of being constantly connected comes with a lack of focus and privacy. So why not give yourself some time off to recharge - switch off when going to bed! 

Organised storage makes for easy mornings

Making small changes in the way you organise morning essentials, leads to a big difference. Like Katty, who added a chest of HEMNES drawers downstairs, near the room where her kids eat breakfast. “It houses all the boys’ clothes – one side for Lucas, one for Milo. And because they get dressed down here, it makes it easy – no running up and downstairs to get things.”

Tame the chaos within your drawer

According to a US statistic, we spend six months of our lives searching for things. Sure makes the idea of a place for everything more appealing, huh? Sometimes, drawers turn into black holes, swallowing up every little thing we don’t know where to put. Follow Katty’s example to make it easy to store and find random items. Organise the inside of your drawers with inserts, small boxes and dividers.

Hook ‘em up to reach things easily

Hooks are very underrated. If you place them in the right area, they become a great organising tool. Attaching hooks on the back of bedroom doors keep clothes off the floor. Hooks on your corridor walls keep everything, from umbrellas to coats, in order. Katty has placed two hooks in the bathroom, at a height where it is easy for her boys to reach - perfect for keeping their bath toys.

Don’t underestimate a healthy breakfast

Rushed mornings means skipped breakfast. And a skipped breakfast means no morning energy boost. How about prepping a breakfast the night before? If kept in portable jars, it becomes easy to enjoy the breakfast ‘to go’, no matter how rushed your mornings are. Just place some oats in a jar, fill it up with apple juice and soak overnight. All you need to do is add yoghurt, fruits, nuts, seeds and honey. Pro tip: prep ahead and store the fruits in the fridge to make preparing breakfast faster. Enjoy!

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Interior designer: Katie Phillips
Photographer: Benjamin Edwards
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