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Home visit: An organised home for a calmer life

Having a good organisation system is the key to creating a relaxed atmosphere in the house. That’s why Hiromi uses the mantra ‘make sure every space is used and everything has a place’ to bring her small family home to order. Take a look at some of her tips:

An open wardrobe in an alcove with clothes rail, shelf and boxes, and T-shirts hanging on a rail across a window.
An open wardrobe in an alcove with clothes rail, shelf and boxes, and T-shirts hanging on a rail across a window.

Keep everything in a box and stack them up

‘For me, organising for a calmer life is ongoing,’ says Hiromi. ‘Small changes like adding interior wardrobe storage and small storage can make a big difference.’ According to Hiromi, a good way to maximise storage space on open wall shelving is by using storage boxes. They keep clutter out of sight and can be stacked to save space.  ‘You can mix and match sizes to meet your different needs.’

Choosing boxes in one colour and similar shapes keeps the solution visually relaxing


Giving each person their own storage in the hallway helps keep a small space uncluttered. Mornings become a little easier


Storage in every nook of the kitchen

Boost the efficiency of your kitchen space and put every corner to work. By making sure no space is wasted, the kitchen becomes easy and enjoyable to use. Hiromi recommends adding wall rails, hooks, magnetic wall storage and shelf inserts for cupboards to get this done. ‘Don’t pack too much in though,’ she says. ‘You want to leave some room to make accessing and storing things easy.’

A lovely reminder that saves you space as well

The things you use often should be easy to reach. Hiromi considers plants as ‘essential items for a relaxing space’. And watering those plants is nothing less than a soothing ritual. By hanging the water can above the indoor garden, you not only save space but also create a visual reminder to water the plants.

A well-organised space is a calm space

‘Home is a place to feel relaxed and peaceful – keeping it neat and unified through organisation is a big part of that,’ says Hiromi. ‘I plan by function and activity, storing what we use daily in sight and accessible and most other things in closed storage. For activities that take place around the home, try moveable solutions like trolleys or easily portable boxes.’

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Interior stylist: Aiko Ito
Photographer: Sean Myers
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