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Home visit: a family house organised for wellbeing

When creating a home for each other and their children Nanoha and Minato, Hiromi and Shunsuke took a holistic approach – one that encourages a slower pace of life in the city, is organised for comfort and welcomes nature. Step inside…

A portrait of Hiromi and Shunsuke and their children sitting on the sofa and plants displayed in the windows behind.
A portrait of Hiromi and Shunsuke and their children sitting on the sofa and plants displayed in the windows behind.

Bring family together with open-plan living

A combined living, dining and kitchen area – with storage organised along walls and the central floorspace clear – makes it easy for the family to spend their time at home doing activities ‘alone or together’. The plants add a sense of calm – ‘by positioning them from the ceiling or in the windows they add impact without taking up space,’ says Hiromi.

We want our family to live easily at home, so we went for a feeling that’s uncluttered, unrestricted and unhurried


Make a small, busy kitchen feel good for all

Hiromi has updated the cooking space with smart ideas, like hanging everyday utensils within reach so it’s easy for anyone to use. ‘Choosing simple tableware in one or two colours, a few plants, plus accessories in natural materials keeps the area visually relaxing,’ she adds.

Take time to eat as a family

The family enjoy starting the day by spending time together around the table, laying out simple breakfast options that they can pick and choose from as they like. ‘Everyone has their different schedules but somehow we make it work,’ says Hiromi. ‘The children like that they each have their own special chair.’

I love trying out small ideas that make our lives more comfortable. When family life is relaxed, everyone benefits


Organise storage for the entire family

Morning routines run more smoothly when everyone can easily find their things. In the hallway, Hiromi added folding hooks at different heights for each family member to hang their own bag. ‘It saves us time hunting around for them so getting out of the door feels less rushed,’ she adds.

By giving a little time and thought to organisation, you can make a family home that doesn’t feel cramped, even if it’s small


Create room to play

Upstairs, the children have an extra play space, with practical storage so they can get out and tidy away their toys themselves, a soft rug for floor games and a swivel chair. ‘It’s nice they have somewhere to be on their own when they want to be,’ says Hiromi. ‘They love curling up in the cosy cocoon chair and pulling the hood down.’

Take a moment to relax

With the addition of a chair, comfy cushions, some layered rugs and a floor lamp, the room that’s used for clothes storage also doubles as somewhere to take a quiet break in a busy day. ‘We keep books and comics in the shelves under the window,’ adds Hiromi.

Add fun accents to a shared family bedroom

The family sleep together in the same room. ‘My priority was to keep it as clean and simple as possible for getting a good night’s sleep,’ says Hiromi. ‘But adding some fun cushions and pictures on the wall have made it more energising and comfy – we all love it!’

Every season I like to refresh textiles at home, it brings new life into familiar surroundings


Our first family home

‘Before we got married, we both lived with our parents,’ say Hiromi and Shunsuke, who moved into their home 10 years ago. ‘We chose a small house with good natural light near to Hiromi’s family. Both those things were important to us. It’s been rewarding to update it as our family needs change, but keeping slow living and a life with plants always at the heart.’

A layout to keep family close

‘Our house is laid out over three floors, with the family living space in the middle and the sleeping and clothes storage at the top,’ says Hiromi. ‘We’ve planned the layout to maximise time together. As the children get older they’ll have their own rooms – and it will be nice for them to choose what they like for those.’

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