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For a luxurious and functional small bedroom

We got an interior designer to put her expertise into creating a stylish and neat bedroom for you. The challenge was to make the room look minimalist and peaceful while still providing enough storage space for all your things.

A bedroom with a neutral colour scheme, double bed, wooden bench and wicker lamp.
A bedroom with a neutral colour scheme, double bed, wooden bench and wicker lamp.

Meet the interior designer

“I wanted to show that it’s possible to achieve a relaxing, stylish bedroom that feels spacious, even in a small room,” says interior designer Helen Svensson. “I hope you’ll be inspired by the design.”

Bring a natural feel to the bedroom

Want to add a warm, inviting touch to your minimalist room? Pick natural materials! Use natural materials to add warmth to a minimalist palette. “I mixed bamboo, rattan, linen and cotton in natural shades,” says Helen. Wall-mounted EKET storage serves as a space-saving bedside table. “The KNIXHULT pendant lamp gives a warm and welcoming atmosphere, without taking up space on the ‘table’.”

Make the best use of your floor space

Helen picked our MALM bed frame for its neat and clean design - it’s perfect for the minimalist look. “The RÖMSKOG box makes the most of the floorspace taken up by a large bed, and the braided rattan suits the room’s natural look. It has a lid, so your out-of-season clothes will remain dust-free and ready to wear.”

The perfect mix of storage and style

Your storage units can be stylish too. “I put two MALM chests of drawers side-by-side to provide lots of storage for a couple, but it also creates a beautiful display area for plants and books,” says Helen. “To keep the feeling of space and light, I hung a gallery of posters on the wall above with some additional lamps.

Make your corners work for you

That empty corner in your bedroom, transform it into a cosy dressing area. “The NISSEDAL mirror serves a practical purpose, but it also reflects light around the room to make it feel bigger than it is,” says Helen. “The NILSOVE chair gives you somewhere to sit and read magazines for inspiration.”

Save floor space

When it comes to a small bedroom, wall storage is a hero. “Made out of bamboo, SKUGGIS hooks are a perfect way to save floorspace without spoiling the look of the room. I added a rattan basket so you can store accessories right next to the outfit you’ve picked out for the next day.

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Made by
Interior designer: Helen Svensson
Photographer: Sandra Werud