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Creative ideas to keep food fresh for longer

Don’t throw away that food item yet! We’ve got tips that let you discover new ways to make things more delicious, save money and make food last longer. Let us show you a few ideas on how to care for your kitchen staples, use them better and reuse them. 

Kitchen worktop with various produce kept in hanging and standing containers, like KUNGSFORS nets and RISATORP baskets.
Kitchen worktop with various produce kept in hanging and standing containers, like KUNGSFORS nets and RISATORP baskets.

Hang them up!

Proper air circulation and moisture are key to keeping produce fresh over long periods. Using naturally-ventilated baskets to keep fruits and vegetables and placing a bowl of water below them on a window sill is the perfect way to get them both.

Creative ideas for well-preserved vegetables

Going the extra mile to preserve some vegetables and fruits is so worth it. Using skewers on a basket to create a partition for dividing the brinjals can prevent the ones on top from bruising the ones below. Need your carrots extra-crisp? Keeping them in moist sand will do the trick!

Save your food from expiring (by eating it, of course)

Keep a part of your fridge free to store the food items that need to be used first. Keeping track of expiration dates is easier that way. Who knows, maybe the grouping of all those ingredients together might inspire a new recipe.

Don’t get rid of the peels just yet!

Need a place to throw peelings and scraps from vegetables? How about a pot? All it needs is some water and salt. Allow it to boil lightly and then strain. Voila! Enjoy your tasty broth that makes the perfect base for other dishes. Not only the veggies, but this recipe also works for meat and seafood. Cook something yummy right away or freeze the broth into ice cubes for later use.

An egg-cellent idea for testing freshness

Wondering if the eggs in your fridge are fresh or not? There’s an easy way to test that. Dunk the egg in water. If it rests on its side in the bottom, you’re good to go. Sinking but standing up straight? There’s still time - use it soon or hard boil it. Egg floating to the top? Discard it.

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