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All you need to enjoy amchi mumbai food

Every city has its own flavour. And we mean this quite literally. There are several dishes that are an everlasting part of Mumbai. Here are some ways you can enjoy these delicious meals better. 

A plate worthy of the vada pav

One of the first things that come to a person’s mind when they hear the word Mumbai: vada pav! This popular dish of two soft buns and a potato centre is a must-try in the city. It’s only fitting that this amazing snack has a serve ware worthy of its taste. The light blue serving dish decorated with a yummy vada pav and artfully plated like a gourmet meal brings that touch of fun to your snack times.

To give your vada pav break a restaurant-like appeal place a colourful placemat below your serving dish. It makes all the difference. 

Serving a Mumbai-style breakfast

    Delicious, light, and healthy poha is the perfect breakfast for the busy Mumbaikar. And what better to serve this yummy dish than some colourful bowls? Their bright colours cheer up your mornings. You can also serve poha in a different coloured bowl every day to shake things up a bit. They come with different patterns too. 

    Bringing the Irani cafe home

    Eating the famous bun-maska at an Irani cafe is one of the most Mumbai experiences you can have. But you don’t have to go out to eat every day. Bring the Irani cafe home and serve the bun maska as an appetizer for dinner. Or maybe at snack times. 

        Why not bake it at home? Just whisk up the ingredients and use the baking tin for cooking the buns. You can always use a cooling rack to get it ready to serve on time. Placing all the buns on a bread basket and serving it with a dish of yummy butter can get everyone on the table drooling. 

        Beating the Mumbai heat

        A sweet, cold and creamy Chowpatty kulfi to beat the sweltering Mumbai heat. Now that’s bliss. You too can make the kulfi at home with some condensed milk, sugar, and sliced pistachios and almonds. And to help you set your kulfi into the perfect shape, there’s our ice lolly maker. 

        Creating the perfect aloo paratha

          Aloo paratha is one dish that gets every Mumbaikar licking their lips. Preparing these tasty parathas is now made easy. The potato press does a better job of creating a creamy mash than your spoon or spatula. And the mortar and pestle are just the things to give your parathas their flavour. Now you can grind your own spices to get that perfect taste. Using a rolling pin, you can flesh out your parathas into the ideal round shape before you put them on the tava.  

            Having phulka and dal for dinner is a part of life in Mumbai. And mom makes it look so easy, flipping those fluffy phulkas on the stove. But sometimes your fingers can take the brunt of handling hot off the stove chapatis or phulkas. A handy pair of cooking tweezers makes things so much easier. 

            Although we can’t guarantee that the taste of the dal you’re making will turn out as good as moms, we can tell you that making it becomes so much easier. The handy colander helps you strain the dal after cooking, and the whisker comes handy to mash it all up. A tadka of ghee and spices is the final thing your dal needs to taste delicious. This small pan comes handy to cook that tadka on your stove.

            Bombay sandwich at home

            What can reflect the spirit of Mumbai better than the Bombay sandwich? The city is a part of its name. The yummy snack is made with a mixture of potatoes, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, and chutney sandwiched between two bread slices. If you’re planning to prepare this dish at home, it’s good to have a reliable chopping board handy. Once you’ve assembled the filling and added in the cheese and chutney, it’s time to grill the Bombay sandwich to get that trademark taste. Don’t forget a dollop of butter to enhance the flavour. 

              And if you want to really bring the restaurant flavour of the Bombay sandwich at home. Fill up two squeeze bottles, one with ketchup, the other with green chutney. And enjoy your yummy snack with all the fanfare of your local sandwich stall.

              The fruity Mumbai flavour

              Walking down the streets of Mumbai, you’ll find carts and carts of yummy, juicy fruits typical to the city. The colourful ber, tangy starfruit and sweet ice apple are all a part of the flavour of Mumbai. Bring a few of these home and prepare a delicious portion of fruit salad for yourself. A paring knife is perfect for cutting and peeling these yummy fruits.