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A workspace in the bedroom

Dream of working from home but don’t have an extra room to spare? A home office doesn’t have to be a secluded space – it can easily be incorporated into one of your existing rooms. Artist and illustrator Margo shows us how she’s made working from home work for her, with a studio in her bedroom.

“I display my artwork on the wall above our bed – it blurs the line between my office and our space to relax.”

Margo, artist, Poland

Mix professional and personal

Inject personality into your home office by using favourite containers to store essential tools. ‘Potsand vases I’ve collected over the years make my desk feel like home,’ says Margo.

Choose the right chair

If you’re sitting in a chair all day, it’s important to choose one that’s supportive as well as stylish. ‘My FJÄLLBERGET chair is really comfortable and fits in with our bedroom decor too,’ says Margo.

Room with a view

A desk by the window makes the most of natural light. Add a desk lamp to direct light where you need it while you work. For Margo, looking out of the window provides inspiration: “I love seeing the seasons change as I work.”

Go natural and neutral

Margo chose to decorate with neutral colours and lots of plants to create a calming work environment and a relaxing bedroom. “Natural textures and light colours make it easy for me to focus during the day, and make it a lovely room to wake up in too,” she says.

“I like working at my desk while my husband is sitting on the bed, reading a book. It’s nice that we are able to share the space.”