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A calming bedtime routine for fresher mornings

If you want a proper night’s sleep, it’s important to pay special attention to your bedtime rituals and routine. Taking the time to properly unwind and say goodbye to the day, makes sleep so much better. Have a look at some tips to create a more relaxed bedtime routine.

Dimly mood-lit bedroom with a make-up nook, room-dividing clothes rack and reading corner with recliner.
Dimly mood-lit bedroom with a make-up nook, room-dividing clothes rack and reading corner with recliner.

Switch your face to night-mode

This includes changing into comfy night-time clothes, sitting down in front of a mirror and clearing your face (and mind). Try dimming the lights for a cosy atmosphere. It’s also a good idea to designate a special nook for this nightly routine. Having a separate place in order adds to the mindful experience.

Make your morning’s smoother

After gathering your thoughts in order, it’s time to do the same for your clothes. What clothes to put in the laundry basket? Which ones can be worn again? Make all the decisions before bed, so your mornings are quick and easy. Maybe add a clothes rack to keep tomorrow’s outfit choices. 

A cosy corner to relax

An irresistibly comfy recliner, a shelf full of pleasantly scented candles and your favourite bedside reads - the perfect combination for a relaxation nook. And not to forget soft throws and blankets within easy reach. Create a special spot, perhaps behind the clothes rack, to indulge in some lazy activities before bed. 

Cocoon yourself in comfort

An easy way to increase the cosiness of your bed is to throw in layers of duvets and quilts. Choose them in different degrees of insulation, so it’s comfortable inside, no matter what the temperature is outside.

A peaceful and quiet sleeping area

Noisy neighbours and traffic sounds can all get very distracting when you’re trying to sleep. Minimise the noise around your beside with sound-absorbing panels or thick curtains/blinds. Enjoy your slumber, undisturbed!

The light where we sleep is a key to both quality of sleep and for waking up feeling refreshed. Natural daylight – or artificial light with similar wavelength – works like an ON switch in us.

Evangelos Delidimitris, IKEA interior designer

A small detail for big comfort 

Place a thick, plush rug to ensure your feet have a soft-landing in the morning. Feeling something warm and inviting, when you’ve just woken up can create a pleasant mood in the mornings. As the temperature matters so much for comfort, this small detail might make a huge difference. 

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Made by
Interior designer: Evangelos Delidimitris
Photographer: Karl-Johan Hjertström
Writer: Henrik Annemark