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Consumer finance

What is consumer finance

At IKEA, we want to ensure that everyone can create a home that matches their style and personality, not just their budget.

With our Finance Services, you can create a home as unique as you are, and there’s always more than one way to pay.

From a particular product to a full renovation, bring your ideas to life with easy finance starting from 20,000 INR onwards and enjoy:

1. No cost and low-cost EMI options   
2. No hidden fees    
3. Divide your purchases into smaller installments of upto 25 months 

How it works
A simple application process allows you to turn inspiration into reality, in no time at all.


Create your shopping list or have a fair idea of the total shopping amount.


 Look for the HDFC bank representative at the store to complete the quick and easy application form and know your eligible credit amount.


Once approved for a loan amount, choose the financing scheme which works best for you. Accept and sign the loan agreement.

What are the different Financing schemes offered at IKEA

  • Total tenure = Total number of months to calculate the EMI·      
  • Advance EMI = Total number of months for which equivalent amount must be paid upfront·      
  • Net tenure = Total number of months to pay EMI
  • Down payment = Amount paid upfront based on the chosen financing scheme·      
  • Installment = Amount paid as installments each month
  • Interest = Total interest paid by the customer

If your purchase is worth 50,000 INR with a 12/4 scheme. Customer pays a downpayment of 16667 INR upfront to IKEA, pays an installment of 4167 INR per month for 8 months to the bank at 0% interest.

If your purchase is worth 50,000 INR with a 12/3 scheme. Customer pays a downpayment of 12634 INR upfront to IKEA and pays an installment of 4211 INR per month for 9 months to the bank at 1.07% interest. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • No-cost and Low-cost EMI options are offered as part of this financing option.   Decision on financing option stays with the customer.

  • Currently, IKEA is offering financing schemes in partnership with HDFC.

  • Currently, customer finance is only offered at IKEA stores. It is not possible to avail of consumer loans during online shopping at IKEA.

  • Currently, consumer finance is only applicable to B2C customers. Not applicable for B2B customers.

  • Customers can check their credit limit with assistance from HDFC bank staff at our stores.Customers can avail of loans for the defined limit instantly.For a higher credit limit, extra information may be required.Please align with the HDFC bank staff at the store for additional details.

  • Our IKEA co-workers can give you a basic understanding on the financing solution and can connect you to the bank representative at the store.     For detailed information on the finance schemes and processing loan applications, please reach out to the bank staff at the stores.

  • The decision for financing resides entirely with the bank. Please check with the bank staff for more details.

  • Physical PAN card, Aadhar card number and biometric verification will be needed for checking the initial credit limit. If the customer’s current address is different from the address mentioned on Aadhar card, the customer must share the current address details along with the address proof.

    In case of local address proof, the customer can share the following documents:   Telephone bills, Internet Bills, Gas Bills, Any govt identity, etc·For a higher credit limit, extra customer information like salary slips might be required.

    Please contact the HDFC bank staff for more information.

  • You can use a loan on all our products except Services, IKEA Food products purchased at the IKEA Swedish Food Market, IKEA Restaurant, and IKEA Bistro.

  • You can return or exchange any IKEA furniture purchased with finance, in line with our IKEA refund policy.·  Changes in interest and installment amount will be communicated by HDFC Bank against your finance agreement in place, a refund is not issued by the store nor contact centerInformation on any extra charges like loan foreclosure should be aligned with the bank.

  • Please contact our customer support center OR IKEA staff at stores for more details. For an understanding of financing schemes, please reach out to the bank staff at our stores.