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Wall mirrors

Go On, Give Yourself That Compliment…

…because our wall mirrors say that you look just too pretty. Our NISSEDAL mirror can be fixed together to create a tri-fold mirror that turns your room into a luxurious dressing room. Or check yourself out in the very sleek HOVET mirror - place it vertically to check your outfit tip to toe or horizontally to give the illusion of a bigger space. And the EKNE mirror will simply look pretty sitting on your wall. Its swirly steel wire-frame will make you feel like royalty every time you look in it.

Look Your Best All The Time

Wall mirrors do more than making sure you look good. They can brighten a room up or give the illusion of a bigger space. And our collection of wall mirrors comes in different styles, shapes, and sizes, so you can pick the one that suits your walls the best. Check out the NISSEDAL wall mirror - it can make any room feel more modern, and with the tri-fold mirror combo, you can make sure you look perfect in every angle! The SONGE mirror, with its beautiful silver frame, will make you feel like a royal. For something more elegant, check out the EKNE mirror - from its delicate oval shape to the swirly steel wire frame, everything about it is romantic. And for something more functional, check out the MÖJLIGHET mirror - it comes with hooks, phone holder, and bowls so you can place your clips and rubber bands close at hand while you are getting ready.