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Large mirrors

Admire Your Outfit Tip To Toe!

Checking how well your new dress fits or re-touching your makeup before you leave for that party, our large mirrors are an important part of your bedrooms, walk-in closets, or hallways. From the tri-fold NISSEDAL, that lets you admire yourself in every angle to the EKNE oval mirror that looks nothing less than a piece of art - our mirrors add that perfect accent to your room. If you crave functionality, we’ve even got KARMSUND mirror with hooks and rails and the LIERSKOGEN which doubles as a valet stand.

Whether decorating with light or building a shrine of self-worship, full length mirrors are a required part of the décor. You need a large mirror to be able to look at yourself from head to toe. Is your hair on point? Do your shoes match your scarf? Take a second to admire your whole outfit with a full-length mirror

Long mirrors? Do your shoes match your scarf? Get the bigger picture with a big mirror. Admire yourself fully with big mirrors in different styles, or give the impression your home is roomier through the depth and reflection offered by a large mirror. It’s not a case of vanity; full length mirrors are simply a must-have for hallways, bedrooms and anywhere else where you or the room could benefit from being mirrored.

A large mirror for every need

Browsing our selection of large mirrors, you’ll find both free standing mirrors and full length mirrors that can be mounted on a wall or a door. There’s a large mirror for any space at all. Place the mirror strategically to create the illusion of more open space in the room. Or use the mirror for decorative purposes in your overall décor and furnishing. Some of our large mirrors have frames that can help you express your personal style and taste. Do you prefer a discrete thin frame in a light colour? Or a thicker wider frame in a bold shade? Or maybe you’d like a rounder shape with ornamental elements? Find a big mirror that fits, whatever your personal style or space limitations.

Safety and practical functions

Our mirrors are designed with safety and practicality in mind. In case of an accident, all our glass mirrors have been fitted with a safety film that reduces damage in the case that the glass is broken. For additional safety, consider a mirror made with impact-resistant soft plastic.

We also design our mirrors so that they are easy to install and provide additional functionality when needed. Some of our mirrors are hung with an adhesive tape that can be stuck onto any flat surface. In addition, some of our free-standing or cheval mirrors come equipped with practical hooks that can be used to hang your next outfit, or maybe just a place to store your pyjamas. Or how about a wallet stand that gives you all your essentials within reach when getting ready in front of the mirror?