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Round mirrors

For Makeup Fixes And Brighter Rooms!

The gently curved design of our round mirrors adds a softer touch to your space. Our mirrors make your rooms look brighter and spacious because of the way they reflect light. Oh, and you can use them to check out your dress or makeup too! We’ve got practical mirrors like the STOCKHOLM and LANGESUND that withstand the humidity in your bathrooms and more decorative ones like the oval VIKERSUND and EKNE that look stylish adorning the walls in your hallways. Safety first! They all come with a protective film to prevent any mishaps

A stylish detail in any room must be the round mirror. Round mirrors with gentle curved shapes can give the room a softer touch as well as adding space and light, the way that mirrors do.

A cleverly positioned round wall mirror can make any room seem bigger and brighter. It’s like an optical illusion. They reflect more light into the room and trick the eye by creating the illusion of space in the wall behind the mirror.

Bring space, light and style into your home with a round mirror from our selection.

Round wall mirrors for style and practicality

Mirrors are not only a stylish decoration they are also a practical necessity in your everyday life. From the bathroom mirror where you do your makeup, floss or shave to the large bedroom mirror where you try out your outfit for the day. Or from the kitchen mirror that brings light and space to the room, to the stylish hallway mirror where you have a last look at yourself before leaving home.

Some of our round mirror also include a shelf, which can come in handy when you put makeup on, take a selfie or just need your hands free for other things.

Find the round or oval mirror that fits you

Are you looking for something small and stylish, or large and practical? Do you like a bold, distinctive frame or a more subtle and elegant one? Perhaps you like a light thin mirror to emphasize brightness, or a thick, dark one to make an impact in your room. Our wide selection offers round and oval mirrors to satisfy any style or preference.