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Beautiful Vases For Those Pretty Flowers

Check out our collection of vases that look just as good on its own as they would with fresh flowers. Like KAFFEBÖNA vases made of bamboo - it’s handmade by skilled craftsmen from Vietnam so each vase is unique in its own right and adds a rustic feel to your home. Or check out our HANTVERK vase made of stoneware - it’s simple and yet attracts attention. Rugged and rustic, this vase will look good wherever you choose to place it. And for the minimalists, we have the TIDVATTEN clear vase made of mouth blown glass - use it to keep fresh flowers to make your home more vibrant!

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Fresh flowers, artificial, or no flowers at all, our vases will look good even just by themselves

 Like a KAFFEBÖNA vase made of bamboo. It gives a natural wood look and gives off a rustic vibe. Place it just by itself or add some pretty artificial flowers for extra decoration. Or check out our glass vase from the TONSÄTTA - the glass is mouth blown and has a traditional design. This large vase has a lot of character to it and is a real eye-catcher! You can match it with the vase from the VANLIGEN series that can be used as a jug too! For something simple and elegant, check out our vase from the GODTAGBAR series - each one is handpainted and has the classic Scandinavian style! Or for a more contemporary design, check out our vases from the LIVSVERK series - we gave it unique patterns by dipping it in a glaze so it really stands out and expresses your style.

Types of vases

  • Table vases: This is the most popular type of vase. It is sized to be placed on a table, sideboard or other pieces of furniture. When you think of flowers for a vase, you are most likely to be considering a table vase. It is large enough to comfortably hold a bouquet of flowers. 
  • Floor Vase: A floor vase is a tall version of the table vase that is designed to be placed on the floor. A floor vase should be chosen with as much care as you would a piece of furniture. Due to its size, it makes a more significant impact on the room. Floor vases should be heavy so that they stay planted on the floor. If your floor vase is lighter, place something heavy at the base of the vase to prevent tipping over. This is usually achieved by placing pebbles at the base of the vase. When you use the vase with water and fresh flowers, the water weighs the vase down. 
  • Wall vases: Some vases are made with attachments to fix them or hang them on the wall. This is an attractive way to give prominence to flowers for vase displays. 

Vase materials

  • Glass: Glass is one of the more popular materials for a vase. Glass vases let you admire the entire length of the flower stalks as well as the head of the flowers. You do need to be extra careful to replace the vase water often to keep it from looking murky. 
  • Crystal: Crystal vases elevate the look of your flower decorations. They are beautiful and are works of art. You can also decorate your home with an arrangement of empty crystal vases and bowls. 
  • Metal: Metal vases are both beautiful and durable. They also mask the view of the flower stems. 
  • Ceramic: Ceramic vases are manufactured in plain colours and also with many attractive prints and patterns. Ceramic vases can be chosen to add colour and interest to a decorative display. 

Decorating with a vase

You can think beyond flowers for vase fillers for your console table or sideboard. If you love to collect beautiful vases, do not hide them in a cabinet. You can use vases for decor in many ways:

  • Empty vases: You can display a group of vases just as you would any other decor object. Create a group of vases with something in common. A display of glass vases in different colours, artfully arranged looks very attractive. You can also arrange a collection of vases that are made in different materials but have a similar shape. You can display a beautifully crafted vase on shelves just as you would a work of art. 
  • Create coloured arrangements: If you have clear cabinets in your kitchen or dining room that are reserved for decorative purposes, have fun matching vases with some other crockery. In the dining or living room, you can match vases to similar coloured books. 
  • Fill them up: When you do not have the time to buy flowers for vase decor, fill the vases with other items. Smaller vases can hold incense sticks. Fill a clear vase with interesting and colourful objects such as a pebble collection or a colourful skein of yarn. A vase can also be used to display whole spices, coloured beads, shells or any other found objects that catch your fancy.  You can use potpourri as a colourful and fragrant vase filler. If your vase has clear sides, you can insert a photograph into the vase for display. 
  • Storage: If you have a wide-mouthed vase, you can use it to store small fruits. This makes a colourful addition to your sideboard or dining table. Short vases can double up as pen stands. 
  • Flowers with a difference: A wide-mouthed vase can be used to display a couple of flowers with short stems or a sprig of an evergreen shrub or an interesting branch that you found in your garden instead of traditional cut flowers for vase display. 
  • Themed displays: On festivals, instead of decorating all the surfaces in your home, you can contain your decor within a vase. For Christmas, place a few tree decor baubles in a vase. For a party, place a string of LED lights in an empty vase. You can extend this idea to any special occasion in your home.