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Unscented candles

Everyday Is Lit With Our Collection Of Candles

Candles are a great way to create a cozy mood or a relaxing ambiance in your home. Check out our collection of unscented candles to create a warm, cozy effect all-around your home. Lighting up the FENOMEN block candle is the perfect way to make a dinner-for-two more romantic. You can even get it in a set of 5 so you can place it in different corners to bring a warm glow throughout the room. Or check out the festive VINTERFEST unscented candles - it features twinkling stars in silver glitter perfect to bring out during special occasions. Looking for tea lights? Check out the tea light candles from the GLIMMA series - use tea light candle holders to let them shine brighter! 

Highlight The Important Moments In Life

Candles can change the mood of a room instantly, playing with light and shadow. It can make a room feel more comfortable, cosier, and warmer in an instant. Check out our collection of unscented candles that can help you relax and unwind after a long day or bring in romance to your intimate dinner. Candles from the VINTERFEST collection are specially fitting for special occasions -  you’ll find christmas themed block candles or plain golden and silver LED candles - whatever you pick it’s sure to brighten up the ambiance in your home. Our collection of unscented candles also includes plain candles that will create a glow just as warm and comfy. Check out the block candles from the LÄTTNAD series - place a few of them around the room and let its warm glow lull you into a relaxed state of mind. Or get a whole set of block candles from the FENOMEN series. Mix it up with tea light candles from the GLIMMA series to spread a warm glow all throughout your home.