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Scented candles

What’s A Romantic Date Night Without Some Scented Candles

Scented candles are a beautiful way to unwind or set the mood for the perfect dinner date. Just like the NJUTNING scented candles - it has a warm and balanced scent of lavender, honey, and wood. And once the candle has burnt itself out, you can use it as a tea-light holder. Or check out the scented block candles from the BLOMDOFT series, place it together in a dish for a harmonious feel and a subtle fragrance of flowery sweet pea with a dash of cassis and violet. Or check out the soft vanilla scented candles from the LUGGA series to create a relaxing atmosphere around you! 

Relax And Unwind With Sweet Fragrances And Cosy Ambience

Scented candles create a warm ambience in your home without much effort and the fragrances instantly put you in a good mood. And our collection of scented candles has something for everybody - sweet flowery fragrances or fruity - pick your favourites and light it up! Check out the scented candles from the NJUTNING series - the balanced frangrances of lavender, honey, and wood will spread a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the room. Also, it comes in decorative packaging so it’s also perfect to give as a gift! Or for something more subtle, check out the BLOMDOFT scented candles - it has a flowery scent of peony with notes of rose and carnation. The candle comes in a jar so it’s perfect to store small things like earrings once the candle has burnt itself out. And the scented candle from the FRISKHET series is the definition of freshness with a crisp scent of linen and a hint of jasmine and sandalwood. Or check out the SINNLIG scented tea light candles. You can place them all around the house for a ripe scent of sweet red berries with a slight hint of flowers. 

Check out our collection of lanterns to give a home to your favourite candles!