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A Pretty Lantern Is All You Need To Brighten Your Day (Or Night) Up

Our lanterns make your home look just as beautiful even when they candle within isn’t lit. Like our LADRAD lantern - simple and elegant, you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It’s small enough to be kept on the table or place it on your shelf but also big enough to be placed on the floor as well! And our TOPPIG lantern will let the candle within cast a criss-cross pattern on your wall. Or for something a little more traditional, check out the GLIMRANDE lantern with softly, rounded glass - place it on the floor or hang it by your ceiling, it’ll look pretty wherever you choose!

Date Night At Home Or Special Family Dinner - Our Lanterns Will Definitely Make You Feel Warm And Cozy

Lanterns can instantly make your home feel cosy and comfortable just like our lanterns from the LAGRAD series - made of clear glass so it lets the candle shine within and spreads a soft glow around. You can use it indoors to set the mood for a romantic dinner or use it outdoors for a cosy family get together. And the ÄDELHET lanterns let the candle within cast a fun pattern on your wall while its glass base spreads a warm, soft light around. Or check out the NJUTBAR lanterns that are designed with coloured glass that reflects and spreads the warm glow of the candle within. And use our MASKERING lantern to place tea lights - it’s made of coloured glass that’s mouth blown and shaped by skilled craftsmen. And for something more versatile, check out the POMP lantern that can also double as a vase!