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Shower curtains

Drape your shower with the latest fashions!

Give your bathroom a bit of a makeover. Choose from our collection of shower curtains to liven up your washroom interiors. From minimalist patterns in the FOLJAREN range, to beautiful coloured floral patterns in the SANDBREDAN range, we have it all. Those working on a shoestring budget can opt for our products under the EGGEGRUND, BJARSEN or DOFTKLINT collections with wide varieties in patterns and colours to choose from. Easy to handle and maintain, our shower curtains are sure to add a bit of zest to your bathroom, while keeping the rest of the room dry.

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More optionsGRUNU Shower curtain 180x200 cm (71x79 ")

GRUNU Shower curtain, green, 180x200 cmGRUNU Shower curtain, orange, 180x200 cm

More optionsBOTAREN Shower curtain rod 120-200 cm (47-79 ")

BOTAREN Shower curtain rod, white, 70-120 cm

More optionsLUDDHAGTORN Shower curtain 180x200 cm (71x79 ")

LUDDHAGTORN Shower curtain, grey, 180x200 cm

More optionsGRUNU Shower curtain 180x200 cm (71x79 ")

GRUNU Shower curtain, green, 180x200 cmGRUNU Shower curtain, white, 180x200 cm

More optionsGRUNU Shower curtain 180x200 cm (71x79 ")

GRUNU Shower curtain, orange, 180x200 cmGRUNU Shower curtain, white, 180x200 cm

More optionsBOTAREN Shower curtain rod 70-120 cm (28-47 ")

BOTAREN Shower curtain rod, white, 120-200 cm
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Shower curtains from IKEA can bring style into your bathroom while also enjoying the privacy the simple material affords. Draw the bathroom curtains for isolated relaxation, while keeping the bathroom door open to prevent the mirrors fogging up with hot steam. It’s a perfect solution for shared bathrooms in busy mornings, and it also protects the rest of the bathroom from the soapy splashes of your hot shower.

Having a shower curtain allows you to do your makeup in the bathroom while your partner is dancing in the shower. Now neither of you will be late. Getting a shower curtain is the simplest way to update your bathroom. Before you rush out to buy your curtains, consider the shower curtain material, size, style, hooks and rods. 

If you’re wondering if you can use a regular curtain as your shower curtain, the answer is you better not. Regular curtains are built to prevent light and fit your windows. While shower curtains are meant to repel water and moisture from your shower and keep your bathroom humid-free. While they look the same, the materials used to make them may not be worth the exchange. 

Measurements and shower curtains

Make sure to consider which size shower curtains you need for your bathroom.

The first thing to keep in mind is how and where you want to attach them. If your rod is already fixed to the walls or ceiling, you need to measure the distance between the rail to the floor and plan your purchase accordingly.Make sure to take all the necessary measurements before you shop online or in-store to avoid future issues.

The second thing to consider is whether you need a shower curtain for a standing shower or next to a bathtub. For a standing shower, the curtains need to be long enough to reach the floor. This is to help keep water from flowing out into the bathroom during longer showers. If you need curtains for the bathtub, however, you probably want shorter curtains. This to be able to keep the curtains inside the tub when showering, and outside the tub when taking a bath.

If our standard shower curtains don’t fit your bathroom, note that we have options that you can cut yourself to the desired length.

Your shower curtain shouldn't touch the floor. Try to keep at least a 2 to 5 inches gap between the curtain and the floor to prevent it from collecting dirt or moisture from the bathroom floor.  Some curtains are designed to fit within your bath. Measuring them before you shop is an important step in purchasing a shower curtain. 

Choosing shower curtain materials

Some of our shower curtains are washable, which can come in handy depending on how and where they are used. Other materials are unlikely to need washing. The curtain material you choose will define the look of the bathroom. 

For instance, vinyl or plastic shower curtains have a rubbery texture and rinse off easily. Vinyl shower curtains are a popular option because they require low maintenance. They come in various colours and patterns coordinating with the style of any bathroom. 

 A polyester shower curtain, on the other hand, is not completely waterproof, just water-repellent. However, since it can be made from recycled materials, it has the advantage of being an environmentally friendly choice. They are durable, last longer and can be washed easily by hand or machine. Polyester curtains are a little heavier and are a good option if your showers have high water pressure. 

Shower curtains are also available in microfibre or cotton materials. Cotton shower curtains are more expensive but durable and washable. It gives your bathroom a luxurious look but must be washed at least once every month. Since cotton easily absorbs moisture, look for cotton shower curtains with an anti-bacterial coating. This will protect the curtains from moulds when the bathroom gets humid or damp. Most people prefer to use a vinyl liner along with their cotton shower curtains. It repels the moisture and you won’t have to replace them often. They ensure that the cotton curtain does not absorb much water and stays in place. 

How to choose?

We have patterned shower curtains and solid shower curtains. But if you are a minimalist and like things simple, solid curtains fit you right. 

If you want your shower curtain to be an attractive piece in your bathroom, you can always choose a pattern that resonates with your bathroom floors or walls or the decors inside.  Pattern or decorative curtains help brighten up the space and add more texture to the bathroom. If you’re looking for a curtain just to divide the space and for something subtle, a solid shower curtain is a better choice. If you are a decor enthusiast who loves switching up your bathroom decor with the season, solid curtains would suit any changes you make and work well depending on the colour your choose. 

Check the position of the curtain. If it comes in front of a window make sure to get light curtains so that you don’t block the natural lighting or the fresh air. Having natural light in your bathroom is important to brighten up your mornings. 



Shower curtains are usually hung on a rail with hooks or buttons. It is important to have sturdy rails that can hold both heavy and light curtains. Also, ensure that the rails are the correct size and fit your bathroom right. 

The traditional hook curtains are now being replaced by more convenient methods like button or grommet holes. The grommet-holed curtains come with rings and the rails can be slid through them. It is easier and more seamless to put up and gives a more elegant look. In button curtains, you create the rings by buttoning the top of the curtain. The rings are made of the same material as the curtain. It buttons up around the rails. This could be a hassle but gives a simple look. 

We have various options of shower curtains, liners, rods, hooks and rings that will help you complete your bathroom masterpiece in one go.