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Shopping bags & tote bags

Keep Calm And Carry (Bags) On

Get your things from point A to B without breaking a sweat with our shopping bags & tote bags. The stylish and sturdy MARKERAD come in different sizes and are the perfect replacement for plastic bags for your groceries or shopping. They’re great for moving around your dirty laundry too! Our blue KNÖLIG is the right size to clip onto larger bags or cases and stashes the little things you need to reach out frequently for. And if you’re moving to a different home, there’s the FRAKTA trolley making it easier to shift large containers or TVs.

There Can Be No Better Shopping Buddy!

Give your conscience and your back a break, and lug your stuff around in our convenient and sustainable shopping bags & tote bags. Like our MARKERAD, a range of reusable bags in different sizes that are perfect for getting this week’s groceries at the vegetable market or carrying that new pair of jeans you bought at the store - you don’t have to buy new carry bags every time. They even come with an ironic design of words in quotation marks. There’s also the KNÖLIG, our small blue bag in IKEA colours that can be easily clipped to your backpacks or suitcases. It sorts out your change, keys, hair clips, and other little things, so you don’t turn your luggage over looking for the small stuff. And if your baggage is too large to fit into our shopping bags & tote bags, there’s always our blue FRAKTA trolley. Use it to shift large boxes and containers, and when you’re done fold it flat and put it away in a corner - it doesn’t take up space at all!

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