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Travel bags

Go Ahead And Pack That Extra Pair Of Shoes

Never figured out how to travel light? Our FÖRENKLA series of travel bags will keep you sorted. Packing for your weekend getaways and office trips is simple with the different compartments and pockets while the ergonomic design makes it a comfortable travel partner to those who are always on the move. If you’re taking a trip with someone special or have to simply pack a few extras, then you can always check out our STARTTID cabin bag that offers more room.

A Space For Your Toiletries To Your Chargers

Our FÖRENKLA range of travel bags makes commuting simple for everyone from the on-the-go businessman to the couple on their weekend trip. You can select from either the backpack, duffle bag or cabin bag varieties depending on your trip and needs. Complete with inner mesh compartments, the FÖRENKLA travel bags keep your clothing, footwear, toiletries and accessories organised and within reach. The STARTTID cabin bags, spacious and easy-to-carry, are perfect for short family trips - you can fit in your spouse’s extra pair of shoes or shirt without a fuss. You can comfortably carry around these bags for years to come as they are designed to be ergonomic and durable. Easy to fold flat, these travel bags don’t take much space in your home when not in use.