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Quartz worktops

A kitchen worktop that is a joy to behold

Boost the visual appeal of your kitchen with an eye-catching worktop. A quartz kitchen worktop adds beauty to your kitchen counters. Despite its delicate looks, quartz is a very durable material that is excellent for kitchen worktops. Choose from our range of quartz worktops that are naturally heat, stain and moisture resistant.

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Quartz worktops bring natural beauty into your kitchen

Quartz is as beautiful as a granite worktop, but without the maintenance issues. Granite has to be sealed to be moisture and stain resistant. Quartz worktops are naturally non-porous and stain-resistant. Our quartz worktops are made from natural materials and there may be slight variations in particle patterns. A granite slab may have more significant variations than quartz worktops. The manufacturing process of our quartz worktops ensures a hard and durable surface. We also offer you a choice of edge treatments that ensure that you get the exact look and finish that you want for your kitchen. Pick a coordinated wall panel in the same material for a cohesive look.

Custom made worktops

The configuration of kitchen cabinet arrangements, hob selection and sink size and placement make every kitchen countertop unique in dimensions. Our quartz worktops are manufactured specifically to match the unique dimensions required in your kitchen. Cutouts are made to fit your chosen sink, tap and hob. The quartz worktop is manufactured to the exact depth, width and height that is required for your kitchen. It can be matched to a quartz sink.

Moisture resistant

A kitchen worktop is exposed to heat, moisture, splashes and spills. Choose a worktop that will maintain its good looks and beauty over years of daily use. Consider the porosity of your selected material when you use slabs of natural stone in the kitchen. Most stone and granite countertops resist moisture only after they have been properly sealed. Our range of quartz worktops is moisture resistant and need no extra treatment to give you complete peace of mind.

White countertops

The colour of your countertops can transform the look of your kitchen. We offer a wide range of colours from our selection of quartz worktops. A pale or white coloured countertop gives your room lightness and freshness. Stark white works well with contemporary or modern kitchens. If a plain white is not to your taste, you can choose a mineral, marbled or stone effect in white. White can also be used to offset dark coloured cabinets and create a contrast in the room. If you have chosen wood finished cabinets, white is a great colour choice for the worktop.

Dark countertops

Dark countertops add drama and uniqueness to your room. A dark worktop enhances cabinets finished in delicate shades. You can also use black countertops if there are other black elements in the room that you want to highlight and tie together. If you use dark worktops paired with dark cabinets, ensure that there is plenty of natural light in your room. Too many dark design elements may make your room look smaller.

Beige and grey shades

If you are looking for a countertop that adds warmth to your kitchen without being dramatic, select from our range of grey and beige countertop colours. They match most cabinet door colours and add lightness to the room without being as high maintenance as white. Grey goes well with colourful and neutral cabinets. A muted grey also highlights the look of the cabinets and other fittings in the room.

Choosing the right colour

When you select a countertop colour, choose one that works well with the cabinets as well as the floor. They should not all be the same colour. At least two of these components of the kitchen should harmonise with a third providing the contrast. At the end of the day, choose a colour scheme that makes you happy when you walk into the kitchen. Good product images make it easier for you to visualise how the countertop would look in different settings.