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Update your room with wall posters

Reflect your style on your room by putting up art print and posters. Let your walls speak with IKEA’s range of posters and prints that come in eye-catching themes that you’re sure to fall in love with. 

Buy posters online to decorate your walls

Buy posters for the bare walls of your room and turn all that empty space into your personal art gallery. IKEA offers a variety of posters with abstract art, landscape photography, fun quotes and more to update the ambience of your space. You can also purchase an assortment of high-quality accessories like frames, hooks and ledgers for your wall posters at IKEA. 

Just select the right theme and style that showcases your own style and complements the decor of your room or house, when you buy posters online and display these in the right setting.

A poster to cheer up your living room wall, an abstract art print to add an element of style to the bathroom door or a motivating quote in your study area, IKEA has all the poster collections. When you use posters in your room for decoration, you can always remove them later when you’re bored of them, and replace them with a new poster altogether to update the look of your room. IKEA regularly updates the poster collection on the site.

Type of posters for different spaces

There are ample options when it comes to buying posters for your house. But each area of your house has different functions and the poster theme should complement their purpose.

For a lively living room 

Your living room is a place for entertaining your guests or just chilling on your own. Putting up wall posters can instantly set the mood and vibe of your living room. Posters can become conversation starters in the living room. Or just add prized family photos in a frame to personalise the space.

To get an inviting dining room

Everyone sits and shares meals in the dining room, and your wall posters should match the ambience of this space in your house. Get creative with the posters in your dining room. You can hang abstract art prints or choose our range of kid-friendly posters and nature landscapes.

Personalise your bedroom

Place calming and personalised posters in your bedroom as this is a place for your privacy and alone time. You can have family pictures or art prints. Fix your posters properly if any of them are going to be near your bed or work desk to avoid accidental injuries.

Get a bathroom makeover

It is easy to forget that your bathroom needs a thoughtfully planned interior. Place posters and art prints on your bathroom door or walls to uplift its styling. Be mindful of the amount of space you have to hang your posters and get the right size to avoid any cluttering.

Styling the study area

Students or working professionals who spend a lot of time staring at the walls while working and can now look at inspiring and feel-good posters on their walls. IKEA’s range of wall posters are perfect to improve the look of your old and boring study room,

Transform your kitchen decor

Having posters on your kitchen walls is a great idea for giving it a more inviting and vibrant ambience. A floral-inspired wall poster for your kitchen can make it look more welcoming and serene. Consider the lighting of the kitchen and hang the IKEA posters that you like.

What to keep in mind while buying wall posters?

Buying posters online is an easy task but there are a few things that you must not forget to give your walls the perfect makeover. The number or colour of your posters, their placement and framing are important aspects that need to be taken care of when you invest in them.

Frame it correctly

Select frames for your favourite wall posters in classic black and white or pastel shades. Go for a vintage or traditional look with gold-coloured or wooden-finish frames. Hang these above eye-level and under proper lighting to display them with style.

Colours that inspire

You can opt for any colour when it comes to choosing posters as long as it does not create disharmony in your interior decor. From multi-coloured to black and white posters, your posters don’t have to match the colour of the rest of your room. You can match them with the accent colours or any decorative pieces or furniture in the room.

Motifs that make everyone happy

Every room or area in your house has a different vibe and your art prints and posters should add on to that. Choose specific patterns, motifs and styles from IKEA’s wide range of posters to establish your home decor. A common or parallel theme around all your posters is a good way to avoid breaking the harmony of the interiors.

Sizes that bring out the best

The ideal poster size will depend on the number of posters that you are going to put up, its placement on the wall and the rest of the room. Don't put big posters on small walls or small posters on large walls. Don’t squeeze too many large posters on one wall. Instead, put a large poster at the centre and create a collage with smaller posters around it.

Hooks to hang your posters

Invest in high-quality hooks from IKEA that are sturdy and won’t let your posters and prints fall down. If you are unsure of putting nails and screws around the house, adhesive hooks are your best bet.

Picture ledge to place your posters

If you don’t want to hang your posters by hooks, IKEA has a range of stable picture ledgers that can firmly hold your prized posters in the living room, bedroom or any other place of your liking. You can keep multiple frames on one ledge and use them as display shelves. Or, put multiple ledges on one wall to create a home gallery for all the art and photography posters. 


Where should a wall poster be placed?

A wall poster can be placed anywhere on the house depending upon your personal style. YOu can put them up in your living room, study, bedroom or practically any part of the house that offers good visibility. 

What kind of posters are best for the living room?

Posters that amplify the beauty of your walls are best for your living room. They should complement your personal style and home decor. Choose a theme, colour and size that goes well with your walls.

How many posters should be on a wall?

You can put up as many posters as you like on a wall. You can put them in the same frames of different sizes, so choose a common theme so that they look connected and tie in with the rest of the interior style of your space. 

Are posters good for your home decor?

Posters and prints are an easy, affordable and stylish addition to your home decor. You can opt for floral motifs, abstract art or inspiring quotes on your wall posters for an instant interior style makeover.

Which poster sizes are ideal for home?

Small-sized posters are good for small walls and big posters suit larger walls. You can also put up different sized posters on one wall without overwhelming the rest of the room. 

What is the ideal size for a wall poster? 

There is no ideal size for a poster as it depends on your wall size and the overall look of the room. A poster size should also be according to the pictures and prints on it so as not to affect its visibility.

How to put up a wall poster?

You can choose the poster of your preference, insert it in a frame of your choice and hang it by a hook on your room wall.